Scott Gordon??

Does anyone know what Scott Grodon's injury is and when he will be back?
Would rather see him at safety than "scared to hit"Shaw

ummm have you been watching the games?? People might be able to say that he misses assignments or that people beat him to the play but to say that he's scared to hit is crazy. Shaw has hit like a Mack truck this year.

im not sure if shaw is really "scared to hit"...he just doesn't seem to get himself into good position to make a big hit, and yes I would like to know what Scott Gordon's injury status is as well, he looked good and I would like to see more of him.

:lol: maybe a Tonka truck!!..

but seriously..would like to know about Gordon if possible..

Gordon tore his pcl in the montreal game. when he's back will depend on whether he has surgery on it or not. He's been trying it with a brace but seems unstable.

We now have a new Gordon. :stuck_out_tongue:

I spoke to scott a few Time after team Field Workouts…

He has lower leg Injury…
he is day to day

He was trying it out last Night …

Don’t know how it went

I hope his nickname isn't "Flash". Although, it's nice to think that the CFL will survive into the 25th Century...

I would not say Shaw is "scared to hit". I think Wayne knows how to "bring the wood" so to speak.

The only thing I would like to see improvement from Shaw in is making the interceptions when he has the opportunities. A saftey has to make those picks when he makes the right reads. A few times he has made great reads on the QB and then dropped what I would call catchable balls. That is the aspect of his game I would like to see improved, but, scared to hit, I don't see that in Waynes' game at all.

Gordon is definately a heavy hitter ala Hitchcock, I don't know enough about the rest of his game to know what he brings to the table over Shaw's game.

I'm assuming Gordon is not hurt though, if i'm not mistaken he has been out on special teams in the last couple of games hasn't he?

like the old saying goes...

if he could catch, he'd be a receiver...

Seriously though, i don't think calling shaw "scared to hit" is appropriate anymore (calling him QB killer might...)

he can hit, and will do so, but.... it seems like he's hesitant to take on a big hit head to head (ie a WR barrelling down on him) the guy can hit in certain situations... but i wouldn't be the first to call his openfield tackling great.

Gordon will not need surgery. He will be well enough to play in 3 weeks.

The only thing I would like to see improvement from Shaw in is making the interceptions when he has the opportunities.
What i'd like to see him improve on is wrapping up the ball carrier and taking him down instead of being dragged another 5 yards while trying to 'punch' the ball loose. Saw that twice last game...

yes I Spoke to Scott on Thursday at IWS.
He said 3 to 4 Weeks He'll be ready...

Looking forward to him Kicking butt..
So With Luck He Should be on the Field
For BC @ HAM