Scott Gordon Traded

Shaw has been one of the top players on the Cats this year. We really missed him when he was out with his injury. He's had an outstanding season and is an elite player. Look for him to be in Hamilton for a long time.

Thank you, som1 who knows what there talking abuot. :slight_smile:


also, if he was so bad, then with all the cuts happening and roster changes dont you think the cats brass would have brought in or looked at a new saftey from nfl cuts or somthin? plus the fact that shaw is canadian really helps the import, non import factor.


I agree 100%. Look at Cox in Montreal that guy is always around the ball. Hitch was good for atleast half a dozen INT's a year. Where is Shaw at?

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Now, Gordon, then Holmes, one at a time. They will both be back in green.

See ya Gordie ! Have fun in Regina !!

Completely agree !!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for the heads up old timer :slight_smile: youra very very nice man:)

All I have to say is - Desjardins must know something I don't (not hard to IMAGINE) ... because I for ONE really wanted to see Gordon play as a Ticat ... he should help their playoff run out in Sask. ...

Regarding the "first Gordon, next Holmes" comment - that was said KNOWING Holmes is signed for 3 years ? (just curious)

And concerning Shaws abilities (or lack of) - I will REITERATE the opening statement ... Desjardins must have plans - because there is NO WAY Shaw is on NEXT SEASON's roster and if Gordon was not Desjardins man then there MUST be someone else.


If Shaw isnt in the plans for next season then HE would of been traded and not Gordon, dont you think ??

I see big plays from this guy all the time . I dont know what you guys see ....

I too would have like to see Scott Gordon play once he got well ... he's the guy who rocked DJ Flick in the home opener in 2005

I'm certain that when healthy he can bring the "heat" which is something we have been missing since Hitchcock was the starter as safety

I spoke to Scott at a game earlier this year ... what a great guy ... hope he settles in in Regina and does well :thup:

Let ME be CLEAR ...

My theory states that Tillman picked up Gordon because he wants his DEFENSE to LAY SOME LUMBER in the PLAYOFFS ... if Shaw was the MAN he would have acquired him instead.

It ASSUMES that since Desjardins did not see Gordon in the Ticat future it's because he thinks/knows there is SOMEONE BETTER than Gordon, at the Safety, available NEXT YEAR.

ALL of the ABOVE PRESUPPOSES that Shaw SHOULD and WILL be REPLACED next season.


Shaw is worth way more than a 6th round pick . Maybe thats all Gordon can do is hit , maybe he is weak in reading plays an dhas no speed . They gave him away , im sure our gm can read talent . Hes seen Gordon play and knows what he can and cannot do .

I think your wrong and Shaw will be the starter for years to come . Above all else he can play corner as well !!!!

I am sure the gm can read talent, too - or else I would not have said as much in the original post ...

Shaw at CB ? I'd be willing to concede that. Although, I would be secretly hoping for an UPGRADE at that spot, too ... but Shaw at S ? ... not on MY TEAM.


ya, but then theres the old adage...

"well.... if he could catch he'd be a receiver now wouldn't he..."

Gordon is worth more too and that is why I think we got robbed on this deal. I think they got him for so little because he is injured and no good to us as we have hardly a hope of making playoffs. Sask is banking on having him healthy for the playoffs.
If you had seen gordon play as a starter for sask last year you would know he is blazing fast and very solid at reading plays as well as being able to hit.

I watched Gorden during the 2005 season in Sask. The guy was a great hitter and a fair cover guy. Not sure what this initail move proves other than Gordon was hurt for the entire time he was here or did not want to fit in.

Secondly, while we are speaking about a safety and linebackers, we have been absolutley terrible in the middle and safety for many years. Hitch has served his time and it about time we got a new young gun at safety and middle linebacker. Dixon looked good for the short period of time he played last game.

i agree davis dixon did look pretty solid the couple snaps he was in
didnt he get an INT?