Scott Gordon Traded

Just heard Gordon was traded last night back to Saskatchewan. Apparently they have been trying to get him back ever since they traded big loss here but it would have been nice to see what he could have done. Shaw is still a weak spot for us.

shaw is not a weak spot, and what did we get in return for him?

8) What news source did you hear this on ???

sorry but shaw is a weak spot. he is rarely around the ball and not the best at tackling.

the only thing shaw seems to be good at is the safety blitz.

That’s what I see as well.

When Hitchcock played safety he was always around the ball whether making a pick or absolutely crushing a receiver. I rarely see Shaw around a deep pass.

He continually misses tackles or loses the one on one battles.

But, as was mentioned, his blitzing is effective

Why is he still on the roster than - albeit the injured reserve?

In Wednesday's LP........

"One of the last minute deals sent defensive back Scott Gordon back to Saskatchewan from Hamilton" - Darrell Davis.
Guess they were missing him over there...good luck Scott!

There is nothing Listed in Transactions on or TSN.
Plus there is a Rule in Place the Prevents This from Happening
I Believe.
They Only way he could trade back is in a 3 Way Deal.

There is no clause that prevents this from happening. It hasnt been announced in hamilton yet I guess but Tillman announced it last night and it is in the Leader Post this morning.
He was traded for a draft pick...and considering he was injured it wasn't a bad move for hamilton.

Could you provide us with a link
to the Leader Post article please, DblM.

I didn't find any article in todays LP
with that info in it when I looked.

yeh i wanna see this too,

I'm pretty sure the no-trade-back clause was put into effect this season.

Shaw is a major weak spot..Shaw can't hit a tackling dummy if it was standing there!..oh is!! :lol:

shaw can get interception and shaw can cover, thats what a saftey is for, u guys r seeing from a differnt angle here, if a big 230 pound running backs like reynolds headed his way and he cant tackle him is it really his fault? there no reason in this league for a satey having to tackle him, thats why we have LINEBACKERS, if our middle men arent stoping RB's we have a problem, i dont know about u guys and i know who all disagree but i think shaw has done great this season with partner Tay in the backfeild teams have bin less of an issue on there passing game, cudos to shaw and keep it up. i think hes a fine player. a veteran whos very heads up :slight_smile:

who said anything about a 230lb fullback?..Shaw can't tackle his own shadow..and that doesn't weigh anything!!..I think he is scared when anyplayer is running at him..he moves to the side then tries to tackle him...btw..he could of had atleast 3 more interceptions that I could think of,if he knew how to catch!

thanks for backin up what i said catfan:) "he could of had atleast 3 more interceptions that I could think of"
so u agree hes always around the ball, one of the things saftey are supose to do, be there, he is there. and hes smart abuot his tackles, hes always tryna punch the ball out and turn it over for our team, heads up plays. hes smart and knows this game, if i dont recal hes forced fumbles quiet a bit this year and last so if u got somthin else to say rather than he cant tackle, shaw is a great player:) thanks for your time though.

Hamilton, Ontario – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that they have acquired a conditional sixth-round draft pick in the 2007 CFL Canadian College Draft from the Saskatchewan Roughriders in exchange for non-import safety Scott Gordon.

The Ticats also announced that they have released import wide receiver Willie Quinnie and import offensive lineman Jamal Powell.

its up on the site now so...

that’s too bad Scott Never got play a Game for US.
Traded for 6th round pick that is Nothing…

We got Hosed…!!!

1.Can't cover(Most times)
2.can't catch( times that he touched the ball)..
3.can't hit..(afraid )
4.can't tackle(doesn't know how,that's why he tries to punch the ball out after the guy passes him and then 10 yrds down field he tries to punch that ball out..ya thats really smart!)

i really wish you the best in life catsfan, youra weirdo, cant hit and cant tackle same thing, also it was him who knowcked out damon allen, and kevin glenn, also marcus crandel.. nows whos heads up :slight_smile:, plus you just said he could have got 3 int's if u dont remeber.. so hes around the plays. man just shhh.. its the best thing for you right now