Scott Gordon is back!!

Scott is back with the Riders :smiley: this guy can HIT!! another piece to the defence that will improve it. 8) what are your thoughts?

Wonder what made Ronnie let Gordon go? Injuries? Not effective enough? Hopefully Gordon will help shore up our DB's and help Clovis to get better.

i was very mad to see him go

I Hope he brings more Intensity and inspires more sence of urgency for the D

This is awesome news we didn't lose Holmes for nothing after all!! Glad to have Gordon back. Get him on the field even if not at safety. The perfect replacement for McCullough.

edit: Wait a sec what about that dumb rule of not trading the same guy twice in the same year back to his old club? We traded Gordon along with Holmes, now we got him back in the same year. Is that trade rule just a crock or what?