Scott Flory

Hamilton Spectator saying Flory running for president of Players Association. Not sure what this would mean for his Als career or possible coaching future.

With contentious negotiations over a new collective bargaining agreement on the horizon, there is a major power battle taking place among the leadership of the CFL player's association.

The CFLPA has been meeting in Las Vegas since Wednesday and a vote is scheduled on Friday that could see the ouster of current president and former Hamilton Tiger-Cat Mike Morreale.

Morreale took over from former president Stu Laird in 2012 after Laird enjoyed a 12-year run as the head of the organization. A former defensive lineman with the Calgary Stampeders, Laird played 13 seasons in the CFL.

Morreale is being opposed by current Montreal Alouettes offensive Scott Flory. More than a dozen players reps are scheduled to vote on all executive positions on Friday.

The internal dissension comes as the league and its players try and hammer out a deal before the current collective bargaining agreement expires on the eve of the 2014 season. The league's lucrative new TV rights deal with TSN takes effect this season and a number of teams – including the Ticats - have new stadiums in place or on the way.

One of the things the players are thought to be looking for in the new CBA is a linking of revenues to the salary cap, similar to the arrangement between NHL players and the league. The provision was included in previous agreements but was bargained away by the CFLPA in the last CBA signed in 2010.

Flory has been named President of the CFLPA.

People now asking if he will be a hard liner in negotiating with the league. Hard to say, but Scott has always come across as a logical, reasonable guy.

Excellent choice by the Players. I am happy for Scott. I imagine/suppose that he will retire. He won't have the same attitude as Mike Morreale. Yes, Scott will try to reach a very good agreement for the players,but he is more realistic.


Richard…what attitude do you assume Morreale had?

I guess that means, he's done playing :?
He will make a fine President for the CFLPA. Really nice man and super smart. I wrote him a thank you/encouragement letter after the 2007 season and he took the time to write back a one page reply.

Heres the official announcement, and from the sound of things there is a lot of hard negotiating ahead. I dont know why they didn`t start right after the season ended.

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Je ne sais pas si cela sonne la retraite pour Flory, et ce sera à lui de le confirmer, mais il est clair qu'il ne pourra pas travailler à la fois pour l'association et une équipe autrement que comme joueur. J'imagine que Flory devra faire le point là-dessus dans les prochains jours.

Pour ma part, je crois que les joueurs veulent rétablir certains gains qu'ils avaient obtenus et qu'ils avaient dû concéder lorsque l'état de la ligue s'était détérioré. Il y aura certainement de bonnes discussions, mais les parties pourraient très bien s'entendre avant le début de la saison.

The first thing I would do if I was Scott is convince his membership to release players salaries.

I have no interest in knowing the players salaries. What would it change? Nothing,according to me.


Well for one instead of constantly speculating and 8) using WAG. You could work with real numbers

It would be to the players advantage, every players union that has divulged salaries has seen increases in pay.

The CFL is not the NFL or NHL or MLB where salaries for this teams exceed billions yearly. In 2013,CFL salaries for all teams were less than $50. millions. The release of salaries will not increase the cap. I don't care about players salaries as I don't for yours.


Won't increase the cap but over time it will reduce disparity between the highest and lower earners. Because players won't get ripped off when they sign a deal or come into the league. Going to be pretty hard to give a PR quarterback cut from the NFL more money than a starting or Backup QB.

But keep counting with fake beans :lol:

I believe that it would benefit the players should their salaries be published. My guess is that the general public would support the players as, there would be a surprise at how low some of these salaries are.

Bingo !

Herb tweeted that the President of the CFLPA cannot be an active player, but Flory responded that is not the case. He also told a Regina radio station he has had discussions with Popp about his future role on the team.

I don't know that its fair to him or the membership to do both, at his age preparation takes a tremendous amount of time and dedication and leading that union should be a full time job. But maybe for a short time he can do both. If he plans to play one more year that would be until November.

Dave "the insider" Nailher interviews Scott.

Jason Gregor Interview with Scott

Flory was on TSN 690 this morning. Sounds very passionate about his CFLPA president mandate.

Moffat tried to pry out of Scott his future with the Als, but he wouuld only say he has had discussions with Popp and his future "role" will probably be announced next week.

Strictly a guess, but it might be as an assistant o-line coach.

I just can't see a coaching staff wanting the president of a players association to be on their staff. This should be an interesting decision for Kris Sweet to contemplate.