Scott Coe...?

I really think Jimmy P should jump on this!A proven veteran that I really think can help us!

Middle linebacker has been a weak spot for the past couple of seasons. Mackey has shown flashes here and there, and Kai Ellis has been a disappointment at that spot (save for the Grey Cup a couple of seasons that game he was absolutely great).

So, were I to be Mr Popp, I'd invite both Brian Clark and Scott Coe to training us 4 MLB in camp, may the best man win.

Coe had a tough time last year. I am not sure about this one. Chris Jones wouldn't let go a NI starting MLB if he felt he could do the job. There is more to this...

Maybe, but where's the harm? If he can't cut it, then we cut him.

With Oshea retiring the best place for Coe would be in Toronto where they use a 3-4. He would really be exposed in a standard D IMO.

You have a point, I admit.

Coe plays real tough, that's why he gets injured a lot. If his salary isn't high, I'd try to snatch him, but I wouldn't waste all my money on him.