Scott Coe

Source: TSN

The six-foot-three, 229-pound Coe played his college football at the University of Manitoba and was selected in the fifth round by Hamilton in 2002. The 28-year-old Winnipeg native signed with Calgary as a free agent two seasons later.

Do we want him back?

He sign with the Peg

Coe is an overrated player who abandoned the Ticats once already because he wanted to play out west.

And he is not better than Mariuz.

Pardon me, but since when is it "abandonment" when he wants more money for his talents? Football is a BUSINESS. These players are in it to make money. I would welcome him back and I would pay him the money hes worth. If he asks too much, than forget him. But lets not say he "abandoned" the cats. Think logically before you post, ticatsackattack.

Why do people say the player has let the team down
if they look for and find a better paying job?

Scott Coe didn't get to choose the team
he wanted to play for in the first place.

Drafted players have no control
over which team drafts them.

If that team doesn't commit to them

by re-signing them before
or during their option year

then, they are free to look for
and choose their own employer.

Are those of us in the non-football world
who look for and take better paying jobs,

accused of having bailed out on
or abandoned our previous employer?

We chose our employer,

we didn't swear a oath of allegiance,

and neither did Scott Coe.

He does have a bad knee and at least one guy mentioned it! I would be supprised if that doesnt pop up again very fast!Forget it unless he is put on reserve!And pay him as a reserve!

You got it! :wink:


If we draft Shea Emry, Jason Araki,or Tim St.Pierre,then we don't need an injured Scott Coe.If Giguere is our first pick at wide receiver,there is a fair chance that one of those linebackers will still be available.Creehan,our new defensive coordinator,may have some input here,regarding Coe.It is an interesting problem for Obie to solve.I'm hoping we take Giguere to complement Bauman.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

Giguere is an attractive choice for #1 overall, but would he start?

Could Giguere beat out Armstead, Bauman, Miles or Murphy?

Is he that good?

Had Coe got the money he wanted he would have gladly stayed here. IIRC he said as much at the time.

Lancaster couldnt do it as the well long since ran dry.

No superstar but he has athleticism, genuine grit and loves to win. As an NI he could play on my team any day.

Lets sign O'Shea then.
He is better than Coe

Good point. BUT - there is no loss bringing him into camp. At any rate, he would have to pass his physical first. If he REALLY has a bad knee, then the physical should show it ( and then we show him out the door ).
But when he was here, I liked him, and thought he was 1 of the hardest hitters around....
The Eagle :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

(Eagle) But when he was here, I liked him, and thought he was 1 of the hardest hitters around....
Coe remained one of the leagues better hitters while in Calgary. I'd like to see him here after anb approved medical report.

Tiger cats better pick this kid up fast, He is one of the top Canadian linebackers in the CFL and is worth every penny he asks for. He is a machine, he is 100% heathly for a fact, and six years in stills plays at 120% level. Coe can play with any system you throw at him, He is any other all around player that can help the team reach that next level. Sign him up.

O'shea reminds me of my nagging step mother who never stops whining! I just ignore her!

His But Coe is younger and Faster then Mike.
we may get 1 year of of O'shea.

Scott, is that you buddy. :wink:

I Rather Have Armour Then Coe But that Ship has Sailed.

Sign Scott Coe and bring him to camp to compete.

He plays Steetown defensive football.