Scott Coe

According to, Linebacker Scott Coe has been released by the Stamps. Bring him back. Nothing to lose.
He played admirably while he was here before.

If Mariuz is going to start then we will need someone to replace him on Special Teams - I like Coe and think he would be an asset.

Good character guy too!

Coe is a great guy. Such a down to earth good ol' Canadian boy. I saw him at Grey Cup 2006 in Winnipeg. He was partying at Tiger Town in the Convention Center.

Even though Calgary was not in the Grey Cup. Now that's a CFL fan.

Here's a pic from that night

Unless he has gone completely Whacko
IMO, let's get him signed up pronto!

Let him battle it out with Ray Mariuz.

Obie will know what to do.

Three guesses as to who his
Defensive Co-ordinator was.

click here

Hmmm..he shared duties last year.

Denny Creehan will know exactly

'where he is at ' mentally and physically.

Move Coe to the outside spot and keep Mr. M in's that simple.

Are you suggesting that we would play a 3-4 (or should play a 3-4) defense?


I remember when the Ticats signed Printers, someone asked him what CFL player had delivered the hardest hit to him in his time in BC.

His answer: "that white dude in Calgary with the crazy hair colour"


Scott Coe's release may have been a salary dump, in which case we may not want to pay him what he wants. But it would be interesting if we did pick him up, essentially a trade of LBs - Armour for Coe.

scott coe wuld be an awesome pickup i hated seeing him go the first time and id love to se ehim back it would certainly soften the blow of seeing all my faves on both sides of the ball get shipped out of here. let’s go Bob o bring back Scott Coe…

pretty sweet little rhyme there… if a rhyme like that doesnt convince our higher ups nada will

No i think he's saying start him over Mariuz, which we should, because he's better.

Hmm... Canadian, 27, familiar with the 3/4 and Creehan; definitely worth a look. I guess the Huffer thought he was expendable with Jojuan in town.

I was also sad to see him go the first time around. I don't see why we wouldn't at least try to bring him in.

Scott Coe plays best in a 3-4 defense. Lets see now, what team in the league plays the 3-4? :slight_smile:

Jesse Lumsden said the same thing from their college days - must have been a playoff game.

there are some good linebackers in this years draft as well.

Doesn't Coe have a bum knee?

I think he missed some games last year due to injury.

If he is in one piece, I think he'd be a great acquisition for Hamilton.

Agreed :thup:

Didn't he bail on us once?

Mike O'Shea all-over-again

Did he bail as a free agent or was he traded? I do not recall, am sure someone in here does......