Scott Coe in tow?

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According to the article above, sounds like it's pretty much a done deal.

Here are Coes stats for the last few years. If we can get a guy who ends up with 60 tackles on that side I think we'll be in good shape in our LB core

this was a post on another chat room back in March after Coe had been released. A couple of peg boys talking about Coe. Thought it ws interesting.

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Personally Coe is worth the look because IMO Mariuz hasn't really stood out but then again I haven't studied game film either. With that being said if the coaching staff is entertaining this idea then they obviously have some concerns.

For some reason I'm thinking Coe has a knee problem. Can anyone confirm or refute this?
8) Don't you even bother or take the time to read the postings on the first page of this topic ????
 It was made quite clear that, yes indeed, Coe has had chronic knee problems over the past few years !!!!!

Amen to that. I can admit it.....I hated that signing because I thought he was pretty much done. I knew he used to be pretty good, but I never expected him to return to form after his injuries the last few years.

My take now: I love this guy!

He isn't flashy and won't be racking up many 60-yard TD catches but his consistency, overall effort and ability to make plays is what I like about him.

I am a Pat Woodcock fan and that play he made last week on the prayer that Printers threw up was awesome. When the ball was in the air, the DB had his back to it so Woodcock took off downfield like it was a long bomb. As soon as the DB started trucking it, he came back to the ball, let the DB run by him and made the catch. Unreal play!

Let me re-phrase this: I meant he can't come in right away and start. I think he'll need to adjust to the D a little if we do sign him and after that, let the best man win the starting job.

Notabengal06 wrote,
loyalticatfan wrote: I don`t know about Scott Coe. If he`s so good, why did Calgary cut him?

Because they had a great opportunity to pick up a better linebacker for nothing. What was his name again? Oh yeah, JoJuan Armour. How funny is this if we end up with Coe?

If they do bring in Coe and he helps better our defense, I`m all for it!! Whatever helps our team :thup:

Yup, it really is that simple.

Just because he a Canadaian doens' necessarily mean this has anythign to do with the performance of Mariuz.

Don't you think there'a room for 2 Canadian linebackers in Creehan's 3-4?

Bottom line, Canadian depth is a good thing.

We already have a Canadian backing up all 3 LB spots, if hes good enough to start and they like what they see i don't have a problem with trying him out. However I'd like the defense to just continue to improve with the same personnel.

Use a few more exclamation marks pal. I don't believe you really mean it :roll: . Yes, I did see two comments about a possible knee injury. It's far from making it clear that he has a "chronic knee problem". The only time the words "chronic knee problem" were used they came from you!

Aww, did I offend you for not taking your medical diagnosis seriously? Provide some evidence of this "chronic" condition, other than that he wore a knee brace near the end of last season, before you start shooting your mouth off and marking up the forum with exclamation marks.

He said she said, bah, who cares

spoke to Scott Coe at the game tonight and he said his knees is fine and that he would be a ti cat before they leave tonight

Why didn't he dress for this game?

It's his fault our D was so bad tonight.

you're joking right??

If you're joking, don't forget to put the :wink: so we know!

GEESH! you really need the ' :wink: ' to figure out it was a joke or sarcasm..
If he is healthy..a great addition!!

8) Wow, now you resort to changing the order of my postings to justify your mistake of not reading earlier posts !!!!
 A simple apology would have been a lot easier than going on that name calling, child like tirade that you did pal !!!

 Take the time to read the original post from "ticatsackattack" regarding Coe !!!!  If you don't know that Coe has had knee problems for the last few years, you have not watched him play very often.
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Coe's knee problem(s) might not be a big factor in signing him as a backup or for spot duty in certain situations. If his aggressiveness comes out as it has in the past, he would likely be an improvement over a current backup....but there is that risk of staying healthy.

The Risk of any player staying Healthy.
When they play Football
Look at Our RB and You'll see what I mean.

Scott Coe is a great fun guy and will add character to this team. The guy has a heart of a dinosaur. He will play with no arms if he had too. Hopefully he can inject some of his character into your team.


Wasn't good enough for the Stamps but hes good enough for us. That might be some of our problems we need some real help on our DLine. Lots of people knew we were very thin on the DLine back during training camp.