Scott Coe in tow?

Calgary Sun

IAN BUSBY July 16 2008

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Will the Cats return home with Scott Coe in tow?

The Ticats may be close to adding another former Creehan favourite.

Linebacker Scott Coe will work out
for the Ticats before tomorrow's game

and could sign with the team afterwards.

Great move if he's still got game.(and he should)

Presently the D is missing a presence beyond Zeke.
No superstar but Coe brings some attitude and athleticism to the table.

yes a Great Move ..

Coe to replace Mariuz! Perfect!


he switches to a 3-4 defense, although very hard to do midseason I think.

Awsome move we need that veteren presence on D, and Coe is a very hard hitter as well.

Don't forget Markeith Knowlton, who has more tackles and has shown he will be a stud for us on defense.

With Knowlton, Moreno, and Coe(if healthy) we could have the best linebacking corps in the CFL.

Now we just need to figure out what to do with Charlton Keith, Terrence Patrick, McKay-Loescher, Darrell Adams(when healthy again), and even Kori Dickerson.

what about continuity? letting the guys gel and come together? no revolving door? dont want rejects from other teams? he didnt do much last time he was here? if he was so great why isnt he playing somewhere then?............(insert hypocritical excuse here)

I dont know about Scott Coe. If hes so good, why did Calgary cut him?

Why isn't Coe a Canadian hometown boy not playing for the Stamps. Something wrong with this picture fine lads.

You guys wouldn't be so enthusiastic if you heard some of the comments he had about the fine city of Hamilton when he interviewed on local Calgary radio over the past few years.

I suppose beggars can't be choosers though.

What did Coe say about Hamilton?

The guy is a flake with a bum knee, but I suppose to Creehan, he's better than Glavic and Kordic, two backup Canadian LB's who have both been invisible on special teams.

8) I don't know about bringing in Coe either. As stated earlier, he does a a chronic bad knee !!!
The real reason he left here to begin with was his desire and chance to play closer to home in Calgary !!!

I guess as a back up he would be ok however !!!

I would first get medical assurances that Coe is sound of body. I don't care what adverse thoughts he may have about our city or any other issues. If he is in good health, I want him here!

Some time in a players career they say stupid remarks such as bad mouthing their X teams and city. In Scott's case - he may have to eat a little crow. If he can play and add to the LB core - I say yes. Marius is very much over rated and at best a special teams player.

Im wondering what you guys see in Mariuz that you dont like ?? What makes you guys the experts on outside linebackers ?? I thought from what i saw of Mariuz last game he played hard and tough .

Coe is a backup now at best and if brought in would be a depth move at most . Why is it that any player let go our or out thier and not on a team in your opinion should be brought in to play for Hamilton ??

What changes did the ARGOS make at LB when we rushed for over 300 yards against them ?? Did they bring Coe in for a look see ?? NO !!!

Relax boys. He's not hired yet.

Creehan won't be basing his opinion
on watching Coe play live or on T.V.

and definitely not by what he reads
or hears from some sports writers.

Creehan knows Coe, and he'll know if his injuries
have seriously affected his speed or skills.

He has a good read on where
our Canadian LBs are at now.

Scott has no leverage money-wise now.

I am sure Obie will take that into consideration.

Let's wait and see what happens.


It's a good thing the Cats didn't rely on opinions that
were out there that Woodcock was washed up, wasn' it?

Nice Point Ron

Because they had a great opportunity to pick up a better linebacker for nothing. What was his name again? Oh yeah, JoJuan Armour. How funny is this if we end up with Coe?

Having said that, he was an excellent linebacker for Calgary and was a starter for several seasons. How come no one has signed him? I have no idea. Players get cut. You can say that about any player. If he's so good, how come his former team didn't want him. You could say that any time you're making a trade. If this guy is any good, why would you trade him? I really think he just lost his position to the Big Dog.

For some reason I'm thinking Coe has a knee problem. Can anyone confirm or refute this? I'd welcome a look at him. If you're going to start a Canadian at linebacker, Coe may be the guy you want. I'm not sold on Mariuz, and never was. I'm really concerned about lack of size in our linebackers. They are solid tacklers, but no run stoppers that can really lay the smack down.

Bringing in a guy or two isn't a revolving door. Taffe did say that he didn't want to have a revolving door, but if an opportunity came up for a good player or two you'd have to take a look.

Do we have to do what the Argos do? Maybe the Argos should look at making some changes.

No one claimed to be an expert. If you like him, then that’s fine. I don’t like him at linebacker because he just doesn’t have the size or strength in this configuration. I don’t see him around the ball until it’s deep almost in the secondary. Armour played the same position last year and you saw him all over the ball carriers, and in the backfield. Maybe Mariuz would be better playing the other side if we had someone solid at his position. But, there was a gaping hole left in the defense. It has to be closed and Mariuz isn’t doing it. Obviously, some experts on the Cats coaching staff think he’s worth a look.

This isn’t every player that’s been released. There’s been alot of players released this year, dozens of them that the Cats haven’t pursued. Stop exaggerating. I really thought we were going to see Coe in training camp actually but they were set with the in house defense. Obviously, they feel that something is lacking. And they are right.