Scott Ackles returns to vancouver

i can't belive that Scott Ackles is just coming to Vancouver Run The Grey Cup in 2011, i think you will here he will become president in april. the same thing happend when he went to calgary first to run the Grey Cup , and then to become the President.

I think you may be right. Makes sense for him to take his father's position.

Daddy's little helper is coming back to run the Grey Cup in 2011. Hopfully he can find a better halftime act then Blue Rodeo this time...
People in Vancouver are similar to people in Toronto.... Best bet is to bring in an American act again. People may get embarased if they have to watch Canadian music.

Daddys little helper? mmmmmmmmmm little sarcastic, knowing that he wants to be here next to his mom, and i think that is the only reason he wants to come back. wouldn't you?

WTF??? I thought the point of living out here was to be as dissimilar and as far away as possible from people in Toronto.

And what was so bad about Blue Rodeo? Has there ever been a great half-time show at any big football game?

Sorry I guess you would rather have Brittney Spears lip sync instead.

It was pretty bad, not that it was jsut crappy music but it looked like 4 guys stading on foldable tables... pretty pathetic

I think thats a good move. Follow in his fathers footsteps.

Why is the half time show such a big deal? I buy a ticket to watch the Football game not the half time show. Personally, I'd like to see the price of the Grey Cup ticket reduced, scrap these over paid half time shows, and maybe instead, put the top 5 High School bands on at half time.

Geez, its Football we are watching, not Rock Star..........

After being to Calgary and seeing the job he did there, I'm sure he'll do a great job again here!
Also it wouldn't be the Lions if an Ackles didn't have their name in there somewhere.

Short answer is NO.

Besides, I watch the Grey Cup for the game. . . I'm a CFL football fan, and not a fan of "blue rodeo" or most other acts that have performed over the years. I doubt the identity of the halftime performer would make a non-CFL fan watch the Grey Cup, nor make a CFL fan not watch the Cup.

So to me it's totally irrelevant. Halftime is time to hit the washroom, cook up some more moose or venison sausages, raid the fridge for some more sauerkraut, mustard, and beer, maybe check these boards. . .

Corb Lund would be the ticket - or Matt Minglewood.

Great post Madjack.......I could care less about half time shows....bring on the High School marching bands!

(I like your eating habits ! :lol: :lol: :lol: )

I like the little kids playing football. Their helmets are nearly as big as their whole body! :lol: