Scotiabank's partnership with the CFL

What are your thoughts on this? (cf. Front page feature story)

A few comments pop up in my head:

Scotiabank... Isn't that a Nova Scotia flagship company? And now it's investing millions $$$ in the CFL? All of the suddent, the possibilty of seeing a team in Halifax in the near future has just gotten a boost, hasn't it?

Have you seen the new division championship logos? The Scotiabank's is bigger than the CFL's. I'm not sure I like that. I do hope this doesn't open the door to renaing the Grey Cup game. Sponsors should never get more importance than the event itself.

They refer in the front page article to a multi-million dollars deal. For a two games exposure (two years in a row). Great. The CFL seems to be getting more and more in return for exposure, which means there must be more and more interest from companies to partner with the jewel of canadian sports. Gotta love that.

Is Tom Wright still on the hot seat? Man, everything looked so good since he's been in charge. Congrats Tom. You're a real asset to this league!

The B.O.G should have given a much longer deal than one year. And why, when Tom got his contract was the media scrutinizing him.

It's easy for us, the fans, to look at the CFL and the job Tom Wright has done and say he should've gotten a longer deal. Most of us, however, do not know what is really going on and do not have to converse with Mr. Wright about certain situations and circumstances. There must be a reason that a number of owners in this league dislike Tom Wright, most of which we will probably never know.

Tom Wright is the best thing to have ever happened to the CFL in a long time.
B.O.G's better not screw that up!!!

That's great news and again supports what everyone else has been saying TW is the best Commish the league has had. The sooner some of the clowns(Braley etc) realize what he has brought to the league(stability, $ etc), the quicker they should sign him to a long term contract. Also, I have just read this deal is reportedly worth 4M over two years. Thats 2m per year to the league and teams and if my math is correct, each team now maybe close to receiving between 1.5-2M. Wow, what an improvement.

This is great news for the league, with Scotiabank reportedly paying 2M per year for two years. As previously rumoured, I say the league will next sell off and why not the Grey Cup rights for at least 5-10M per year. Which could bring each team with the TV rights and other sponsorship, who knows maybe 2-3M per year. Wow!

i dont know how i’d feel about renaming the grey cup to ‘scotia bank’s grey cup’…but i like this deal as it’s currently stated!!

helps the health and growth of this league!

Excellent and thanks for the news..............

HALIFAX, here we come...........and in every bank around Canada [Scotia]
they can advertise the CFL............this is major league.

im really feeling good about where this league is headed right now....with ottawa doing well ( hopefully winnning back fans there ), and ratings rising, attendence doing good, a great on-field product now this great deal.....CFL has never been in better shape, IMO.

and don't FORGET the NEW NORTH AMERICAN........sattelite radio deal.............worth 1 million.

Hey I use , SCOTIA…now I don’t have to switch banks…lol… :lol:


TOM …DOESN’T SUCK…are you listening owners?

Y does always seem to take SOOOOOO long to update the schedule page with attendence stats?
....attendance is announced AT the game, so its not as if has to do the math..just simply post the numbers which were announced days ago.

This sounds like a great deal for the CFL - anytime a big entity like a bank steps up with cash for sponsorship this is a good deal.

I doubt anyone need fear a change in the name of the Grey Cup - it ain't gonna happen no matter how much cash anyone puts up.

The one year deal for Tom Wright was wrong headed in thinking on the part of the League Governors. It makes the guy a virtual lame duck. I was on a board that offered the President a one year deal and the standard was two years with a third year option for comparable positions and the President just said no. We went for this one year offer as it was all we could get done with so many board opponents (5-4 vote for one year and a only 3 in favour of two years) wanting to head to the market for a quick fix which was not going to happen at that time.

Our President just said NO and at the end of the next board meeting, the President left and the Chair read out the letter saying the President would not continue to serve past the end of the term of office if there was a one year extension only rather than the standard deal of two plus the option. It took longer for the Chairman to read the letter than it did the board to vote again and extend the offer to the two years plus!

In some ways, maybe that is what Tom Wright should have said unless he was aware of some very strong reasoning not known to the rest of us why he should stay or he was desperate for the job right now so he could line up another gig. This would have shown he had balls and called them out. Give me more time to do the work that needs to be done or fire me and pay me out.

Having a lame duck as Commissioner with a limited time frame in which to succeed is not dissimilar to a QB knowing his first mistake means the back up is coming in and he is toast. That doesn't work on the football field and it doesn't work in the business world. Fear don't motivate... never has.

I'm happy to see the partnership but WoW look at the size differences in CFL and Scotiabank. :shock:

they put up alot of

Thats fine but when does it become the SBFL
The Scotia Bank Football League

That will not happen.........but this is great news.......

think of the sponsorship money as a whole for the CFL , it is adding up nicely...........but they shouldn't sell the GREY CUP name even though that would be worth allot more money.

WENDY'S , RONA , REEBOK , SONY and CANON , and now a major Canadian bank with many branches across all of CANADA...........YES!

I will take the 2 million a year...........and this will make other BIG Canadian business take notice as well............. :wink:

The article says Scotiabank is paying $4 Million guys...not 2. They are sponsoring both the East and West finals. In any case, corporate sponsorship is good and helps strengthen the league's coffers. The Grey Cup should have a very large price tag considering it's the highest TV rated sporting event in Canada.