The Host Committee for the Scotiabank Touchdown Atlantic Festival unveiled details today of the festivities leading into the first-ever regular season CFL game in Atlantic Canada.

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Almost a mini Grey Cup Week. Except we all know the A…s are not Grey Cup material. :roll:

Anybody making the trip down east?

To see the Argos?????????? Man are you looking at the wrong crowd. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Seriously we have a home game that weekend. Can't see many going in spite of the great time I'm sure we would have visiting your fine city and enjoying the Lobster, scallops and such

Would love to go to Gaspesie and see the ex's family, the best people I've met in a very long time. That is culture out east, beats anything out west I've experienced, that's for sure. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, it would be great to have a team out west, that is FOR sure.

If we didn't have a game I'd be tempted to go. Its only 14 or 15 hours or so and a scant 6 or 7 hours short of my wifes family in Nova Scotia near Digby. If you go you can roll uphill at the magnetic hill nearby without the aid of sensory altering beverages creating the illusion. Man the more I think about it..... Nope can't fit it in on a few levels. Hopefully we'll get another chance