Scotiabank Ad

I have a question for anyone out there regarding the Scotiabank ad they play on TSN during the games. In the see an Argo trying to get into the Ticat endzone...essentially lying on his back and reaching the ball across the line.

My question is...that wasn't considered a TD was it? I mean his butt had to be on the turf and all manner of players around and touching him. So my thinking is the ball would be placed at the one yard line. Anyone remember that game and what the call was. Everytime it comes goes so fast I fail to look for an official to see if they were making a call.

If I recall correctly, yes it was called a TD. This was before video replay. I am fairly certain it was a Labour day game.

If it’s the video I’m thinking of, it was from this year; from the preseason game against Toronto, if I am not mistaken and the touchdown was scored by Cory Boyd. I also believe it was called a touchdown and correctly so. No part of Boyd’s body hit the turf before the ball crossed the goal line.