scoring review on all scoring plays

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The Canadian Football League Rules Committee will recommend to the Board of Governors that all scoring plays be subject to review by the replay official in the Command Centre. This would include all touchdowns, field goals, converts, singles and safety touches.
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But what about non-scoring plays like Williams's "non-catch" last year? Would plays like that also be automatically reviewed?

No, because it wasn't initially ruled as a scoring play.

Unfortunate, but I expect that you're right. So a step in the right direction, but not quite enough, in my opinion.

Their recommending that all converts be reviewed... I didn't that was a big problem in the past :lol:

Yes, one would think controversial "non-catches" should be reviewed before one point converts. :?

Yes, there should be a 5-minute video review of every play to ensure the refs made the right call. :wink:

In most cases, 20 seconds will be enough. Converts? Five or ten seconds would be more than enough. Unless they're going to be looking for every possible offside, procedure, holding, interference, etc. I expect, though, that they'll only be looking at whether catches were made, whether the ball was fumbled, or whether the ball went through the uprights, the same types of things they look at today during challenges.

I don't like the helmet rule change:

" if a ball carrier loses his helmet the play will be whistled dead immediately. And if a player who is not carrying the ball — on either team — has his helmet come off, he is immediately ineligible to continue taking part in the play"

I'm still digesting Tom Higgins' statement: "Scoring plays have a great impact on the outcome of a game..." Sort of letting the cat out of the bag isn't he? :o

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Scoring plays have a great impact on the outcome of a game?

We live for insight like that. . .

:lol: :lol: ...He could have said that if one team scores more points than the other , there will be a winner :lol: Sometimes i wonder about Tom :lol: At least he didn't have divine providence involved in his latest musings.. :lol: