Scoring play

In what world does the Durant TD count? He crawled into the end zone…knees were down! If the league is going to review all scoring plays, then be consistent!!!

it was a TD because he was not touched.

On the other hand, why wasn’t Williams flagged for tandem blocking on Calgary’s first touchdown? He blatantly grabbed the ball carrier and pulled him into the end zone.

my guess is that the officials didn’t feel they could be sure that the ball carrier wouldn’t have made it in anyhow. maybe

But if a penalty occurs before the ball crosses the plane, the penalty negates any score made afterward on the play, regardless of the type of penalty. No?

I am thinking that, however unlikely, they might not feel they could be sure that he actually pulled him as opposed to just falling back under him. Yeah, his hands were there, but did he actually grab him? Did he actually pull him? Just trying to give the benefit of the doubt here.