Scoring in CFL & NFL 2006

Thought these stats might be interesting with all the talk this year of scoring down in the CFL, which I believe it was compared with many past years:

CFL - 144 games played at 3360 pts = 23.3 pts per game

NFL so far - 228 games played at 4728 pts = 20.7 pts per game

I guess when you get down to it, not a lot of difference between the two leagues in terms of scoring.

The CFL played 80 games

8 teams at 18 regular season games each = 144 on my calculator. Am I missing something here?

Ya 2 teams per game but I included preseason

144 / 2 = 72

NFL has an extra down! ( AND a smaller field )

Comparing apples and oranges,imo- CFl offenses using john huords Tight end set, this is why scoring is down, the offences are doing this because more teams are using stublers D system. and the stupid stitching on the ball,s , they need to go. next season.

Ok, I see what you're saying ro, I was never good at stats, just testing to see if anyone caught this :wink: (not really). So:

CFL - 72 games played at 3360 pts = 46.7 pts per game

NFL so far - 114 games played at 4728 pts = 41.47 pts per game

and offences arent starting with the good field position they were used to last year...thanks to kick return rule changes.

Scoring is way down this year because of the return rules, the stupid stripes & Rick Stubler's defense & the ground-game approach to fight it. Even with all things considered, the CFL has still put up more points per game than the NFL, albeit by a marginal difference.

The league definitely has issues to address in the offseason putting the gun-slinging fun back into the CFL.

Do we really need this approach do you think joedav for the CFL games to be exciting? I don't know but I do agree with what you say. I like your Stubler strategy comment, interesting.

Man, quit whining about the balls. They're here, the QB's are getting used to them, going back to the old balls could cause more problems next year as they get re-used to the balls.

It needs to be easier to score.

The return game that has been missing. So too have been the the shorter fields for offenses to manage. Overall scoring doesn't necessarily need to go up, but that 'its never over till its over' factor the CFL was so great at is missing.

Its sad when its difficult to overcome a 10 point deficit. The clock rules help, but offensive production has to go up.

What compounds this is the lower scoring. Games like SSK's week 19 win over Torotno 13-9. Saskatchewan won without even scoring in the 2nd half.

If a fluid offensive game isn't enteraining, what is?

remember 11-9 argos over cats?....arg!

or 39-13 Leos over Stamps?

Those 11-9 scores though are what the “NFL only counts” fans were screaming years ago that this was great, defensive football not like the CFL where scoring was too high and defences s.ucked. Now, of course, these same people say it’s great the NFL is scoring more. Of course, what did we expect, eh?

The NFL-only fans will find any bullsh!t excuse to come down on the CFL. A friend of mine bought season's tickets for his company, and has been to 1 game all season...I almost wish I hadn't given him my tix. It was supposed to be a fun year with friends around, but half the time the seats were empty, and when they weren't, he gave the tix to his employees. Then today his wife was over to get her hair done, and when my wife mentioned that he was never there, his wife said "he's an NFL/Seahawk fan, doesn't really like the CFL".

It's nice to have the tix sold, but it would be nicer if the seats were sold AND filled.

Well, people can be a fan of whatever they want in this world, their right. But what I find in today's day and age is that people don't even seem to care about what is going on in their own city, no ownership for their city. I'm not asking people to have to like stuff about their city if the stuff is really 2nd rate but the CFL is a great brand of ball with such a long history. Sure, at times it hasn't been well run but that is the same with many businesses. A shame that many people just don't give a damn about their own city any more and try and make it better, just want to tag along with all the big glitz and glory of American cities and American stuff. A shame. I dissociate myself from these sorts.

I'm a CFL fan first & foremost. I never said the NFL is great for its scoring or for its defensive football.

All I'm saying is that the CFL is more entertaining with a high-octane offensive style of football. This is what has been missing this year. The 2006 season has been boring in comparison to recent CFL seasons.

Agreed.....those in power need to take it back to the more wide open game it used to be. THAT is what makes it so much better then the "stiff upper lipped" nfl.

Yes it is the combination of the stupid blocking rules this year on run backs and the sophisticated defenses. With the latter, I would go drastic like the NBA did in making it illegal for zone coverage/defense. Strictly man on man coverages.