Scoring help please!

First of all, let me apologize for my extreme ignorance. I'm a huge NFL fan, but have just started watching the CFL, and am loving it too! I'm watching the Argonauts at the Tiger-Cats right now, and have no idea how the Argonauts got one point off of a missed field goal. Can someone enlighten me? THANKS!

Sure no problem. Its called a Rouge: when a punt or missed field goal goes past the end zone you get one point.

Got it, thanks! Slowly but surely this Colorado girl is catching on. I appreciate the quick response!

Basically on a missed field goal, if the opposing player chooses not to run the ball out of the endzone they concede 1 point. If they run the ball out of the endzone they don't give up any points, but sometimes it's not wise because of field position.

it kinda encourages the players to run the hell out of the endzone