Please caretaker can you somehow make the downs and yard to go on the big scoreboard larger as i felt you had to really look to see how many yards for first down i know that there was a second one but with the big screen your first reaction is to look at that

Yes. For such a big beautiful scoreboard, the downs and yards to go info is WAY too small. Its hard too see even from the sections closest to the scoreboard. They definitely need to enlarge that info since people look at it on every down.

Way too small ...

But the close-ups of the cheerleaders was nice. The guy seated next to me referred to it as "Jiggle Vision".

You know there are bright orange yard-markers in each side of the field, right? They even tell you what down it is. Or you could, you know, keep track of these things yourself...

Fun fact: Every time someone utters that expression, Aaron Spelling's estate gets a nickel.

The fact that the team bothers to put that information on the board suggests that they intend for people to be able to read it. If lots of people can't read it, it isn't serving its intended function, and the people in charge of it should be made aware.

As a poster mentioned in another thread, there are decorative elements that could be removed to allow the actual useful information to be presented in a more easily consumed format. This is a commonly occurring phenomenon in visual communication which has given rise to the expression "chart junk". The term was coined by data visualization expert Edward Tufte.

The Down and Yds. To Go were also difficult to see on the board opening night at Ottawa's TD Place. The RedBlacks listened to the fans' complaints and fixed things for Game 2.

It's all changeable as it is all digital in the first place. I'm sure they will listen and make changes. I think they did an amazing job getting it together and operational as fast as they did.

I didn't even notice the sign on the big scoreboard, I kept looking at the small one on the south end. I suggested in the thread on first impressions that they move the south board to position it under the large one. Well, first game, stadium not completed, things may change in two weeks.

That was a common refrain form our group, and we'r pretty close to the scoreboard.

Also a minor nitpick, but an annoying one...The confusing wording

"Down 2nd to go 8"

Shouldn't it read....

' 2nd Down 8 to go "

Gotta mention the superb quality of the scoreboard. Huge and super clear even in direct, bright sun. Very impressive!

Would love to attend road games at THF to watch it on the big screen. Not sure what it would cost to open THF for such an event, but if it could be kept cheap it might be a good way to help the tabbies recoup some lost $ or even do some charity fundraising or food drives

I was on the south side yah it was a little small but liveable

we were at the south end, unable to read the info posted under the big board, so easily referred to the board at the south end. The 'down' and 'yards to go' information were often a down behind! No doubt this is one of the many little deficiencies that will be taken care of in due time.
Reminded me of the old PONY league Cardinals, class D farm team of St Louis, the PA announcer would occasionally remind the people operating the numbers from behind it the correct count or number of outs. anyone read this that's that old? LOL

Strongly suggest, and I believe they changed it on the old tigervision, but get rid of the "CinemaScope" look and use the left side of the screen for info and leave the 16x9 portion on the right alone.
This was causing lots of heads being cut off because the camera crew were framing for 16x9 yesterday.