Scoreboard not working on main page

For the last 2-3 days, the scoreboard banner at the top of the main page doesn't work for Johnny. It is blank, except for a circle of lines that indicates the scoreboard is booting up or refreshing.

But, it stays that way. Johnny has tried it with Chrome and Safari and gets the same result. Anyone else having problems with this?

same here

I cant get it using IE but I can get it using edge. I might take a few minutes but it does show up.

I tried F5 to reload page and thus seems to work so far however, when going to another page/s on the CFL Website it's goes back to the scoreboard not working. Even when going to team web sites for depth chart positions information it's doing the round and round merry go-round. F5 for re-load. Like FYB stated the scoreboard will eventually load.

Ah crap, this is my department. I’ll try clearing the cache of the site’s scripting first to see if that helps.

Edit: Okay, think I’ve solved the issue. We added some improved tracking code for when someone leaves the league or team sites for Ticketmaster, but that code was trying to execute before the function it called was available. I put it in the proper order and pushed the change live; my scoreboard now loads properly in Safari and Chrome on all pages.

Thanks for the bug report!

All good over this way Sully, with Microsoft Edge Windows 10.

Good work Sully!