Score this week?

Going with a close game. Riders win. 23-20. Butler is like Joseph. If he runs he can help win the game. I think Toronto is dangerous with him. This game is not easy to win. Prefontain is a clutch kicker. I think he comes back after Montreal and kicks good. Congi needs to have a good game. We saw what missed fg's can do in the 1st Edmonton game didn't we?

I say Sask 34 Toronto 17. Toronto played against a inferior D last week, the Argos are playing against a much tougher D this time around. Of course, Austin did not have a lot of success after 2004 in Toronto, so he could be cursed there..LOL

Yeah, I'm goin with sambo on this one. Our D is much better than MTL's and Butler's not thta good, especially with Perry and Schultz coming in at him. I hope To isin't cursed for Coah Kent, other wise how can we win the Grey Cup this year! :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:


Riders: :thup: 35
Argos: :thdn: 10