Score Riders vs BC

Prediction Riders 23...BC 21 Turnover will be the deciding factor!

Riders 33
Lions 27

High scoring.

Riders 34
Lions 24.

No surprise that all of us pcik the Riders to win.

Just Win baby!

Jyles is not looking good, do we see Durant at some point.

I personally think he should have been the 2nd stringer anyways, as he played better in the preseason games, but they saw more out of Jyles in practise I guess.

I think we’re starting to see how much we still need to improve…

I’m not impressed.

I missed the Crandell injury. will he about for a few weeks or is it not serious at all?

Let's see, Sask plays Hamilton next week, Hamilton fan asking ... you're hopin' for something?? :lol: But seriously, I don't think anyone has said, but my impression is that he'll be back next week.

Well ugly win but a win is a win.

Off to deal with some Kitty Kats next week.

this was definately the attitude the riders had last night.

Cates was big... yet AGAIN. that 2nd and 19 dumpoff was huge!

It's amazing what our offense can do when the OC implements a plan that counteracts the D's attack! Good part on the OC to make the necessary adjustments at half time.

If Marcus isn't 100%, rest him next week so he'll be ready for Montreal!