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So with today being Grey Cup Sunday I was wondering what your prediction might be. Will the Cats get their revenge à la 1999 over the Stumps, or will The Bummers be victorious again? I personally think that the second time is the charm, and we win 30 to 15. The Cats have been zeroed in on the prize all year and will show up this time. Although a little cold is in the forecast in Regina the wind should be manageable.

Get ready for the parade next week folks.

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PVR’d the game, so will watch it this afternoon, without commercials! Wearing my Tiger-Cat game jersey, hoisting a beer. Love to see the Cats rebound, know they would have done so in the real world😁.

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I thought these two articles on 3DNation were funny:

Why your team would have won the 2020 Grey Cup

Why your team would NOT have won the 2020 Grey Cup

On the second one, unfortunately, Josh Smith really nailed it for the Ticats:

Injuries are usually to blame for teams that fail to meet expectations, but Hamilton is well-equipped to handle a couple of injuries — even to key players.

No, the reason Hamilton doesn’t win the 2020 Grey Cup is because, frankly, they are the Ticats and they never win.

Hamilton has lost its last three trips to the big game and finding ways not to pull it out when it matters most — turnovers, bad penalties, etc. — is just what the Ticats do.

I found it lazy. No mention of the league wide conspiracy against the Ticats? It's obvious thats the reason we haven't won.

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Definitely a league wide conspiracy exists. Every team, every time they play the Cats, tries to beat them.:wink:

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I don't think we even have a consensus among Ticat fans about which is the dominant factor: the league-wide conspiracy, or The Curse.

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Conspiracy theories are all the rage right now.

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That's what "they" want you to believe


I believe Hugo Chavez is behind it all . I blame those Commie Preverts .

Pat Lynch ( a Dr. Strangelove and Sterling Hayden fan)

Jack D. Ripper was his best role. How Peter Sellers played against him is some of the funniest dialogue in any film. :+1: