Score predictions for this Saturday!

Canada Day, Eskimos VS Blue Bombers at Canad Inns Stadium (NOT, repeat NOT "Winnipeg Stadium") in Winnipeg.

My final score prediction:

Edmonton 55 Winnipeg 6

What's your prediction?

55 - 6? Is that serious? Have you seen the previous 2 games? No way Edmonton is scoring that many points the Bombers have played or the way the Esks have.

24 - 20 Winnipeg

34 - 17 Bombers....

Edmonton 24
Winnipeg 13

i say 21-16 bombers

im saying 20-6 eskies

im calling it a close one...itll be 24-17 bombers :thup:

y do u even come to this forum, or site even…u have no respect for the bombers, or the fans…i sure hope ur not a fan of the bombers cuz ur a discrace to them in the first place…first u said theyd go 0-18, now u say there gunna lose 55-6??give ur head a shake

look at the D last game not 1 TD and ur tellin me were gonna get poured on with TD's yes i agree with Pegcityjets9 GIVE YOUR HEAD A SHAKE

This one’s on Glenn, if he gets going Wpg29 Edm 24

Even eskimo fans wouldnt say that, you are deffinetly a riders fan…

Im a rider fan and I say Edmonton will win but it will be closer than most think--27-21 Eskimos.

55-6? only team who came close to scoring over 50 were the lions in week 1 and that was an anomaly-- defences still have the advantage over the offences this early in the season-- so 55 would mean that two key injuries occur in bomber practice before the game even starts.

and congrats to Sambo, who is more of a realistic and less of an *** on this forum, at least on this topic.

BTW, I say the Bombers win in a close one, 14 to 9 (Bombers score a TD by Roberts, a FG by Westwood, a single by Omiss, a safety thanks to the D, and a single by Westwood (our "AP")) (Edmonton gets a TD, and the 2 point convert, and a single on a missed FG)

Bombers 20 Eskimos 10

Ray needs to grow some balls and throw the ball past the line of scrimmage a little more often, cuz if he does that here, its just gonna be like ricki trying to get past the line last week.


Omiss? O’Mahney? he’s not on the team…

Winnipeg 18
Edmonton 14

Jets must have been exposed to a lack of oxygen on his ride. An ugly win would do.

Hey, I'm a Bomber fan living in Winnipeg. It's just that, to me, the Bombers have done NOTHING since 1990... why should I believe this year will be any different?

Because it won't be.

because it has been a while think about it all bad streaks need to come to an end look at the Red sox

Jdawg: And you think this is "the year" for the Bombers?

24-19 bombers, no way the esks will bow out the bombers... 55-6?? r you nuts?