Winnipeg 27 Edmonton 22

B.C. 39 Sask 6 :cowboy:

Winnipeg 29
Edmonton 18

Sask 33
BC 20

Even though bc has done a good job getting ready for this game , i have got a gut feeling that the last game Calgary is going to hurt them too much. they said they got over it , but mentaly i do not think so.

Calgary 38
Sask 20
in the WF

Winnipeg 22
Montreal 36
In the EF

Grey Cup

Calgary 30
Montreal 22

Not to many team hosting a grey cup win it in there own city.

Winnipeg 35
Edmonton 24

Sask 33
BC 18

Eatern Final
Winnipeg 27
montreal 24

West Final
Sask 25
Calgary 17

Grey cup
sask 31
Winnipeg 24

Riders 29
Lions 19

Esks 27
Bombers 20

I predict that BC will win 32 to 27, there will be 265 beers thrown onto the feild, 4650 perogies consumed (with barbeque sauce), and Corey Banks will get fined for flipping the bird at the stands.

Axe, thats a terrible way to eat those perogies. :smiley:
edmonton 34---winnipeg 27
Bc 38------------riders 19
Bishop chokes and coach Miller doesn't pull him figuring he will get better.

Edmonton 31------Montreal 29
BC 33--------------Calgary 34

Calgary 29---------Edmonton 31

The rider fans must be on drugs!

LIONS can NOT lose!

Looks like something i read last year :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: maybe its last years post??

BC 42 Sask 23

Edmonton 27 Winnipeg 23

Next week

Edmonton 32 Montreal 26

Calgary 37 BC 24


Calgary 31 Edmonton 20

Oh yes a lot of people out on the Left Coast dreaming in

Here are the results:
Riders--> 37
BC --> 13
The Rider Nation and their 13th man will unleash the annual Playoff Pain on BC.

Schmos --> 22
Winnipeg "We can't sell our stadium out with a 4 week ticket drive" Bombers -->13

Rider Nation --> 34
Calgary --> 17

Schmos -->31
Als --> 30

Riders --> 40
Schmos --> 18

[b]rider fans need serious MENTAL help!

LIONS will win in a CAKEWALK! :cowboy: [/b]

Well looks like Redwhite and myself get closest for game one unfortunatly Redwhite chose lions over the Riders in game two :frowning:

No, I think I was the closest with both scores.

If The Lions had NOT taken a knee at the 1 Yard Line I would have been Closest! :cowboy:

You didn't get the eskie game right, Tyrone. Therefore you lost.

Lions 27
Calgary 36

It wili be close and bc will play very well but Henry Burris will out play Buck Pierce.

if lions win they will blow them out , like they did to sask. and again sask gave the game to bc, bc did not
play that well on offence.

Calgary vs Montreal Grey Cup infront od 70,000

Calgary 41
Montreal 30

BC 29 Cal 23

Mon 44 Edm 11


LIONS 27 Stamps 19 :cowboy:

The LIONS Game Score Is All I CARED About! :cowboy:

stampeders 45
lions 10