Score prediction

How about a score prediction for Sundays game,I say 23-17 for TiCats,so what say ye? :cowboy:

Montreal 36 Hamilton 10

Tiger-Cats 35
Alouettes 31

TiCats - 68
Als - 0

Hamilton 34
Montreal 17

Montreal 34
Hamilton 12

I predicted a different outcome for this sundays game last week,

but I will now second this prediction! :rockin:

Cats 24
Larks 21

On a last play game winning field goal by Money Medlock. :thup:


Do I hear a third?

I agree, although I prefer Justin “The Lock” Medlock

Ticats 28
Birds 26

Eight converted TDs and six safeties? I like your attitude.

I’m going with 38-12 for Hamilton. Whyte has a fairly good leg, and will probably get a change at a few field goals.

not quite.
9 TD’s, a Medlock FG, a single point through the endzone off an 82 yd punt, and a two point convert on our last TD just to rub it in. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cris Schultzs Picks Montreal very close to the Same score I picked early in this Thread

Both teams struggled down the stretch, with Hamilton losing their last two, and Montreal losing three straight. I can't see Montreal dropping a fourth. And when it comes to playoff time, it's hard to go against the experience of Anthony Calvillo and the home crowd in Montreal. Montreal 30, Hamilton 15

Larks won't score more than 9 points and the Cats will score over 40 points.

Your Dreaming :lol:

Your more predictable then anyone here Tom!
Cats 36 Mon 10
Have fun next season Tom sitting on your Blow up chair watching the 2011 Grey Cup Champs, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats!

I will go with Schultzie on this one. Also, Montreal has better coaching.

TiCats 24

Als 17

Hamilton gets the early lead and our defence preserves the win!


Wouldn't these games been better off on a Saturday?

Not up against the NFL...