Score Prediction Thread

I saw some predictions in another thread but they were hidden on page 5. So, I thought I would put this here.

What say you?

Me? Cats 42-25. Yet, it isn't Carter that gets torched. Manziel plays most of the 4th Q.

Cats win 34-10.

The Riders offence hasn't look overly impressive so far and the Cats surging defense will keep them off the field for most of the game.

28-22 Hamilton

The Riders have big-play ability. Nobody doubts Bridge's ability to complete the long ball; they even had a sure TD dropped by the receiver on their opening play last week. I still expect SK to lean more on the ground game this week, but I guess we'll find out soon.

56 - 6 Hamilton

I do too and have a bit of an uneasy feeling waiting for this one to get underway.
Tonight, I really think we'll learn whether this team is one that looks like it's about the turn the corner, or one that's made the turn and that corner is behind them. If it's the latter -- all credit to June and Jeremiah.

Cats in a blowout, 38 - 12

50 to9, Ticats.

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35-21 Ticats