Score prediction for Saturday


Esks 28
Cats 17

An Argo-Cat fan



ticats=38, ee,s= 20

The title of this thread is PREDICT THE SCORE… not rain on our parade…

Go away!!

Ofcourse I`m bias!!!

Ticats 32- Edmonton 17.

Oskee wee wee. Go Cats Go!!!!

Half the posts on this thread don’t include a predicted score, and it’s normal for discussions to start and get a little off topic. If you’d care to read what I wrote, it very much deals with the game and its possible outcome. The fact that you are singling me out once again is evidence of you and your clique making personal attacks against me, which I believe is against forum rules.

Of course I want the Cats to win, but I’m still a little skeptical about where the team is at; I think it could go either way, but if Maas starts I think there’s a good chance that the Cats will lose.

Me and my "clique"?

personal attack?

You want the Cats to win but you're skeptical, post an EE winning score then that way when the Cats win it's a win win situation and we are ALL happy

BTW 8 of 46 posts is NOT half Gardisten... unless you are using that new math

Ham 22

Edm 20


For such a self-proclaimed intelligent person, I can't figure out why you can't figure out why you get heat here. Let's recap: you come on the TiCats fan forum and bad mouth the team every chance you get and then get upset because people challenge you. Hmmm.

Close, but no 2 points.

Oh well, 1-6

Sorry, I don't "bad mouth" the team; I simply don't let blind devotion to the team cloud my judgement about how the team is doing.

Mmmm… not quite… Better luck next time!

Go back under the bridge and gaze into your O'Shea poster.

Why so negative? Look on the bright side, they did have a "commendable performance" didn't they?

The team’s performace on Saturday night was anything but commendable. It’s like they didn’t show up.

tabbies 36, ee,s 20