Score prediction for Saturday

No way the defense is giving up a point…

403 to 0

i dont see how u can say this when Jason maas always plays well in Edmonton and the Eskimos have 4 crutial injuries and Aj Gass is suspended

i say.......

32-17 for the cats
I'm saying this because despite a huge win last week 2 in a row seems 2 good 2 be true (wow 2 many 2s-damn i did it again!)

Also Ricky Ray played very well in a losing cause in their last game against the Stamps.

And despite injury their team still looks better then ours IMO.

Hey i'm not trying to be negative I just say and do what my gut tells me to.

ticats 33
esks 12

…the one point will be given up after a missed field goal. Ditka will lose it and the returner will then promptly be cut much to the delight of the faithful on

ham 3

other team 24

In terms of the Cats winning, I'll believe it when I see it. Sadly, in looking back at posts following the Cats' first win last season, much of the same unrealistic over-optimism prevailed going into the game against Montreal. There are, of course, several differences between this year and last; but I still think that Maas is a problem. Everytime he plays a decent game, everybody seems to think that his troubles are behind him; that's just not the case. He's still the same person who has orchastrated so many dismal losses for the Cats. Sadly, history may just end up repeating itself this season...

TiCats: 58
Esks: 0

ditka vs a hurricane.
that's an easy one...ditka in a blowout!
hold on, hold on...the name of the hurricane is..hurricane ditka!

If God and eleven of his angels lined up against Jesse, who'd win?

Jesse to the house!

Depends if GOD is playing Middle Linebacker or not! He apparently has good lateral movement, goes to the ball and has sound tackling techniques. (NFL Scout Report)

- 38

- 18

Hamilton 48
Edmonton 8

hamilton 38
Edmonton 17 :rockin:

Hamilton 37
Edmonton 17

Hamilton 31
Edmonton 28

32-17 CATS, Lumsden carries for his second 200yd game in a row and Mass is again impressive.


I don't want to predict a score but I think it will be a close game and the Cats will come out on top. Maybe Setta will kick a winning field goal?

We shall see!

Go Ti-Cats!

Cats 28 - Eskies 23

Everybody here seems to be quite optimistic about the Cats' performance tonight; I prefer to wait and see. Based on the team's performance last week, a win is quite possible; but this is still essentially the same team that lost the first five games of the season, and our starting QB will be the same QB who, to put it kindly, has had some difficulties the last 1.33 years. As much as I want the Cats to win, past experience has led me to not get my hopes up anymore. Hopefully, history will not continue repeating itself tonight, and Cats will continue with getting back on track.

Ti-Cats 33
Esks 31

We started the year with slim pickins.....optimist