Score prediction for Saturday

Just for fun lets all guess the score for the Cats game this Saturday against the Eskimos.

Unfortunately i'm predicting a Cats loss.

Two wins in a row seems too good to be true.

Edmonton 29 Hamilton 18

In a game thats closer then the final score shows.

Let me hear your predictons now.

35-19 hamilton.

hamilton dominated them from the opening whistle.

i dont see how u can say this when Jason maas always plays well in Edmonton and the Eskimos have 4 crutial injuries and Aj Gass is suspended

i say.......

32-17 for the cats

Jesse and the TiCats-21 EE,s 20

hamilton 35
edmonton 17

Hamilton 403
Edmonton 1

Coach Ditka will be coaching the Cats that night :slight_smile:

wow i didnt no Mike Ditka would take the time to come down and coach the cats

wow i was liking our chances, but with Coach Ditka has the Bench Boss....we cant lose!!!!!!!


For the first time in a long time I'm confident they will win. Cats score three TDs add a few FGs
27-17 Cats

That sounds more like the Highways needed to get to Edmonton!!

Cats 31 -Eskies 15.

Hamilton 31 Deadmonton 12

Jesse will romp in the west, Cats maul Ed
36-10. Jesse burns Gas in Ed. :smiley:

I would say a high scoring matchup due to the Cats weakness to the deep pass and that being Ricky Rays gravy Still I say Cats On top 45 Ham to 36 Edm

Jesse passes Gas in Ed. :oops:

Ticats 24 Esks 13

Weather calls for heavy rain Saturday so I say Cats 22 Edmonton 16 on a soggy grass field

cats 29 edm 21

Yeah, with Jesse running so well you know Edmonton is going to keep that grass nice and long.

Hamilton 29
Edmonton 23

Note to Ticat players: Wear longer cleats! Every time a team plays at Commonwealth it seems to take them a quarter of slipping around to figure out which length cleat to wear!

  • paul

Edmonton 18

Hamilton 12

Let's make it two in a row!

Ti-Cats: 24
Eskimos: 21