Score did not indicate game

Ticats played alot better than the score indicates. The biggest thing is finishing the drives. That game was ours if Maas could just have finished a few drives. No I'm not saying start Chang Maas played well but inside the red he just couldn't complete again. Defence played well except against the run but show me one defence that has against them this season. Yes some calls again did not go there way. Stegal was way offside on the first catch of his 4 catch drive which resulted in his record. Just one example.
After Stegall got his record you knew the Bluebombers were going to do everything they could to win the game.

I concur! If Maas gets a touchdown on one or two of those red zone drives, the entire completion of the game is changed.

The score is EXACTLY indicative of the game. The Bombers finished and the Cats did not. Blame it on Maas

Don't matter what the score was: the 2 points still go to Winnipeg, and Hamilton keeps the donut.

Yep, the good teams always bare down when the game gets tough. You could actually see Kevin's body posture change as his concentration increased. On the other side, Maas simply became more aggitated and vocal. When they were close the Blue D shut Lumsden down and just gound the thing into a battle of character: Bombers had it, Cats didn't.
It's been my experience that after a celebration stops, the game the momentum always goes to the team that wasn't involved. That was the only time Hamilton looked inspired. That wore off and the BBs just ran away with the contest.
Without the stoppage for Milt's record, it would have been much worse.

the score DOES NOT really tell the whole story...the bombers went ahead due to a non-call for a completely obvious push off by their receiver, the interception that led to the next td was due to a tipped ball the cats were in that game the whole way until the final mins....they will pull it together sooner rather than later

I agree totally with the push off. The refs are never going to call offensive pass interference as long as the Hamilton D is on the field.

Gridiron football is not soccer. Points directly correlate to performance on the field...

There are plenty of soccer games where the score is not indicative of the play. This is simply not the case in football, save the odd flukey game. We lost because we couldn't score touchdowns first and foremost.

2 other calls kinda bothered me, i could be wrong though,

  1. the fake punt, with setta being tackled going out of bounds, another bb player flew in and also hit him, had that been a role revesal the cats would have been called for unnecessary roughness.

  2. not sure the exact moment but maas was hit by 2 bb players, 1 being tom canada, who imho led with his helmet and went high on maas. isnt the cfl trying to protect qbs??

ok 2 more

  1. the 1 stegall pass that led to the record, he was WAY OFFSIDE!!!!

  2. the loescher roughing call, yes he did land on glen but i thought that he was helped by a bomber lineman, i could be wrong though

Yeah, that led to an immediate 9 points. TD, 2 point convert and the kickoff single.

I saw that too, and thought how timely a non-call that was. More bad luck.

I'm surprised that's not getting more attention on this website.

To me, that push-off play was the turning point.

They showed Taaffe "conversing" with Nautyn after that play, and he didn't seem that upset, and Nautyn had a VERY confused look on his face. Makes me think that it was another BS call.

hmmmm really look well timed to me...part of milts talent is timeing the line of scrimmage.

I hopethe ticat organization is not blaming the refs for everything. its the mantra of losers

Your wrong most of the time unfortunatley rather than congratulate a great player for a great record you come up with an offside that didnt exist. Ticats have some of the best fans..the ones that discuss the game and stick with their team as I did with the bombers in the dry 90s. The ticats are a great franchise period. you dont need the refs excuses you need to keep moving forward which I beleive your team is doing. I beleive you could have won this and the last game with BC however you didnt so back to the drawing board for next week I am confident the cats will return. you have a future hall of famer in Lumsden and a good young D.
hang in there and have fun with this thing.