Score 64

I hope the guys from the Score included Tony Champion’s catch in the 89 Grey Cup in this little contest they’re having. It was the most spectacular play I’ve ever seen. 3rd down, little time left, down 40-33, he had broken ribs and then Kerrigan threw him a terrible pass and he spun and dove backwards fully extending to make the catch. Wow.

I’ve been watching the other plays they have included so far, and the only play that I would say is comparable is the crazy bicycle kick goal that Ronaldinho scored.

Actually if you watch the play it was the only place Kerrigan could have thrown the ball. If he throws it to the inside Skipper has a chance to knock it away. Still an amazing effort and spectacular catch. It would be in my top 64!

Oh, Kerrigan could have thrown a jump ball, or thrown it to the corner or something. Either way it's still the most amazing sports play I've ever seen.

...I'd be quite interested in hearing what everyone else would choose as their number #1 play.