"Score 64" (best play contest) - Vote for the CFL!

To my shock, The Score (a network I find to be notorious at putting the NFL before the CFL) actually included a CFL play for consideration in their "Score 64" thing, which is basically a fan poll to find the best play.

Anyway, now that I'm over the initial shock of them including a CFL play, this play needs as many votes as possible. It's from the 1996 Grey Cup, when an Edmonton player (Eddie Brown) basically kicked the ball to himself to catch what looks to be a good 70-yard toss, resulting in a touchdown. Sadly, it's currently behind 88% to 12% (I wonder how many of these voters would have voted for that exact same play if it was, oh, the Green Bay Packers playing the New York Giants in the snow?!?)

If the CFL play wins, then it will help give the CFL credibility with all the NFLsnobs who don't think it's any good.

Go to http://www.thescore.ca/score64 and vote for the CFL play!!! It's called "Eddie Brown Shoestring Catch". Voting closes at 10:00pm (probably eastern) on Thursday night, and it looks like you can vote as often as you'd like.

only 12% voted for the CFL

Yeah, because only 12% of the voters have any respect for the CFL ... We need to use manpower to chip away at it. Not to take anything away from Roberto Carlos' goal, but that was probably more blind luck than anything. Even the score's soccer guy, James Sharman, says "I still think he was just trying to get the ball to the back post where his striker should have been." But kicking a 70-yard pass to yourself, at full speed, on the snowiest Grey Cup field in recent memory and not falling ... THAT takes skill!!

Ok guys... I love the CFL... but objectively now, that goal by Roberto Carlos beats that catch hands down. I mean you could say Brown's catch was just as lucky.

In this particular matchup, I give it to the soccer play.

I do recognize however that more CFL content should be in this contest seen as it is a Canadian network.

there was nothing special about that catch...i voted for it, but it wasnt anything special.

theres way better CFL plays that should have been there.

the score prolly picked this one to represent the CFL, knowing it wont make it past the first round.

That soccer goal is better even if it was luck than Brown's catch I also agree. But I always thought the Score was good with the CFL, they have CFL Snap, I don't know. :?

I voted for it and it was a great catch. Still my favourite of all time is the 89 GC where Tony Champion of the Cats made the best catch that I have seen. In the end zone, his body is going one way and forward and he reaches almost backwards against the flow to grasb it.
Ouch the chiropractors must have loved it.

There is no way the goal even comes close to that catch. On the goal, the player just kicked it and it happened to go in. You can tell but the expression on his face that even he was shocked!

The catch however, It was not the greatest catch ever made but he did have to maintain concentration while running full-speed on a slippery field

It was a far superior play in my book!

"the Catch" is at 14% now.

Exactly. While Carlos made a helluva kick, any player at that level can kick the ball in that direction and hope it goes in. He DOES look shocked after he scores.

Meanwhile, Brown had to be running at full speed on snow-covered astroturf (only thing slippier is ice), and still kick the ball to himself. What boggles my mind the most is how he didn't fall over.

I would bet that if anyone here tried to repeat each of those plays 100x, they'd score the soccer goal more often than catching a 70-yard pass off your foot at full speed in the middle of a blizzard ...

Meanwhile, it's gained 2%!!

Anyway, with our American-and-NFL-loving media, the CFL needs all the attention it can get ... something like this being prominent will help. I only hope there will be more CFL plays featured.

I’m so sick and tired of the “Us vs. Them” mentality. Voting for a sporting play solely on the basis of which league it belongs to is both ignorant and ridiculous, in my opinion.

This is less about "us vs them", and more about helping the CFL get the attention and respect it deserves ... which it has a hard time getting in Eastern Canada. It isn't even up against an American sport. And it's not like soccer hasn't already been represented, or won't be again. There will be plenty of soccer plays, but the CFL will probably get skimmed over a bit because it's a smaller league - even though it has plays just as amazing as from any other league.

Not to mention it's an AMAZING catch!

Well, it didn't win (it would have been hard to, since when I started this thread it was 88%-12% for Roberto Carlos), but it did cut the lead to 80%-20% in less than 18 hours .... which is pretty impressive. Here's hoping they put another CFL play up, and that it wins!

The SCORE has to admit that T.V. ratings don't lie.

And since TSN has a record T.V. contact with the CFL starting in 2008 and TSN are owned by BCE out West , things are looking up in the media. :thup:

Major league sponsorships don't hurt either. :thup:

Now what will they say if Toronto sells out the GREY CUP , before hand? :thup:

I agree , but it is nice that they even bother with the CFL , now :thup:

12% is better than 0% :thup:

ok guys… i dont think people vote for the play soley on qhat league it came from… the roberto carlos play is 100x more skilled, thats why it won clearly… every sports channel in north america is out to bash the CFL, you guys are taking this way out of line. and i don think the score chose that play because they KNEW it wasnt going to win, it was just matched up against a rediculous soccer play.

Have you ever lived a long time in Hamilton and/or Toronto?

they should have jason tucker's catch against stampeders in there from like 4 years ago

Didn't Tony have broken ribs at the time of that catch? I seem to remember that was the case.