Scianitti - On Collaros / Front Office / Manziel

Interesting takes from Matt Scianitti - He seems to have a really good relationship with Zach Collaros so it's interesting to hear his thoughts from that side of things. Including the fact that he sounds pretty confident Zach will be in Toronto next season.

Aside from the content of the discussion - I don't watch TSN regularly and only see Scianitti during the games, but, wow, he's impressive. Knowledgeable and well spoken. Why isn't he a part of the full broadcast?

Crash: Lordy I hope things do not turn out this way.

For the first time since 1961, I feel like I am losing faith in the way the Tiger-Cats are being run. And that includes the dark days before Ron Lancaster.

Maybe the younger fans don’t have all this baggage/past history to shape their views. Maybe I am being overly pessimistic. But I am not looking forward to the coming off-season.

This Manziel stuff does not seem to square with what the Caretaker wrote after the recent Briles debacle.

If this team has to get the Commissioner involved in hiring a QB or a Coach…something is very wrong.

Scianitti -
"I will guarantee Zach Collaros will not renegotiate his contract w/ #Ticats & will be wearing a new uniform next season"

and that alone speaks volumes as to where this organization is right now. I would think the only way hes back here is if the front office is cleaned out. At least Austin/Tillman/Jones.

Maybe Tillman/Austin/Jones don't want Collaros back because they feel Collaros is no longer an elite QB?

Jones, who started Masoli over Collaros right away, certainly doesn't have faith in Collaros.

Austin was talking about Manziel yesterday like he used to talk about Collaros. Clearly, Austin has turned the page on Collaros, too.

Sciannitti is correct...Collaros won't be a Ticat next year. Hopefully we can get something for Collaros in a trade, instead of just cutting him. Not likely, but that's Tillman's challenge now.

I really like Zach.... but seriously... he's 0-12 in his last 12 games. He plays afraid. He's tentative. He never throws long balls and has turned into a "check down Charlie". He can't scramble anymore, he's got a surgically repaired knee and a couple severe concussions. The writing is on the wall - damaged goods.


He was damaged by Austin and his wrong-headed offence and lousy O-line.

Think you summed it perfectly. He played afraid out there rather than the scrambling improvising gun slinger he was before his injury woes. Hope for his sake he can return to old form (for whomever he plays for as he was a joy to watch, and someone a team could be marketed around).


Zach has been running that “wrong-headed Offence” for 4 years and re-upped his Contract making him the highest paid QB in the League to run that same Offence to which he lost 12 consecutive starts.
IMHO it is not Collaros’ ability that is questionable, It is his lack of confidence that is the problem.

The TiCats haven’t had a real good Oline in a long long time.

It is Obvious that a change at H/C and a change at QB is exactly what this team needed.


Can't agree. This team has been very bad since last my view because Austin refused to change his "system". We have seen what a difference a New Head coach can make when the offence is changed. We NOW have a running game as regular part of our offence! The O-line is improving!

Zach has not forgotten how to be a QB. Austin gave him the big bucks. Austin fired himself. You figure out where the problem is.

I think that writing Collaros off without making use of him under the new Jones offence is not a good idea.
But the Manziel voice seems to be calling louder to Austin these days.

IMHO this season has shown that Tiger-Cats are in dire need of a complete management overhaul.

Could it be he just isn’t willing to wear a pair of big boy shoes, yet?
While I agree with much of what he said in this interview, other than his poor Zach’s a victim theme, I didn’t hear him say anything new or surprising. Does anybody really think Collaros would re-nogotiate his contract with the TiCats? I think I’d be willing to “guarantee” that we won’t, too. However, I wouldn’t, at this point, go so far on the second part of his guarantee statement – that Zach won’t wear a TiCat uniform next year. Unless I’m mistaken, he’s the only QB under contract here for next season.

I like Mr Scianitti, but this TSN 1150 interview is really bad. He speaks with a certainty that is um, inadvisable at best. He is clearly quoting someone, but it is just as clear he is not quoting Scott Mitchell, or June Jones, or Kent Austin, or Eric Tillman, and they are the only ones who actually know anything about the situation that he is willing to make “guarantees” about.

In general making guarantees about the future is a high risk activity. We all remember Messier’s and Namath’s “guarantees” only because they fall into the very rare category of ones that actually came about as guaranteed.

Yep, way too many variables, & Collaros is the only QB with a contract that runs through next season. Masoli might decide to test free agency. Manziel may be offered a spot in the NFL. Cutting loose or trading Collaros could be potentially disastrous.

I enjoyed the interview and I didn’t get the impression that the individual was doing anything other than giving his opinion and at no point did i feel he was quoting a front office employee. Maybe others did but I didn’t.

Caretaker: Thanks! I’ll take that as a faint indication of hope that shiny objects don’t always turn out to be the real thing.

8)Knowing Matt Scianitti for the past few years, I will take his word on what he stated !!

Since he is close with Collaros, I certainly believe that Zach told him what Matt quoted !!

Matt never said he was quoting any front office personnel at all, regarding Zach’s position ::slight_smile:

I like ZC, and I think he deserves at least a couple of starts, especially if we lose this up coming game, which I think we will; RR will pick our secondary apart and Wj will run big time.

If ZC has a bad taste in his mouth I don't blame him at all, from what I have observed which isn't a great deal, he is being very disrespected but of course that could be wrong.

I hope he stays in black and gold but if he doesn't I think he will go to Montreal as they are in dire need of a QB for the near future.

For those who want to listen, the part on ZC starts at 8:45.

Taking things further.....

What exactly is keeping Tasker in town long term ? Austin is upstairs and Cornell offense is long gone