Schultzy Likes Q!!!

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Just read it. I am sure the Printers fan club will not like the What I have been saying here but few see it the way I do and now, Chris Schultz. Should be an interesting finish.

Who wouldn't like this guy met him in camp very humble. and can do thing on the field that i haven't seen in ten years

Notice that the Printers fan club is not on here taking shots at Chris Schultz? Too funny!

Trolling huh?

Since you didn't get a reaction from your first post, figured you'd try again?

If Porter is the real deal, (As Schultz thinks he is) then you can take Printers salary and get yourself a couple good Canadian Linemen and a couple of good receivers.

Printers salary isn't that high.

His contract was front loaded. Large.

People should get off the "Get rid of Printers and we can sign (add any name here)" crap.

Sure we could sign someone, but it would be 3 linemen, 2 receivers and a defensive end in a pear tree.

None of the printers supporters denied porter had a good game did they? shultz didnt say to cut printers did he? Try cheering for the ticats to win regardless of who is behind the center.

Well said Beet, as a "supporter" I was ecstatic watching Porter play. Looks like the real deal.
However, we've been here before and having Casey on the team does not hurt us. it's about the
team, regardless of how the two camps want to spin it.

I agree... any player who helps the Ticats win as a Team is a keeper for another week... But in true Ticat fan fashion, we'll be booing you and asking for your head if you play bad the next week. Haha!

We the fans have long history of building a player up after one game only to watch them crumble the next...

Now that is more like it. What took you guys so long? lol

For the record the reason nobody is taking shots at Shultz is because he didnt suggest that Printers be cut, that he has an attitude, or doesnt play hard. These are the points that the "fan club" likes to defend... nothing against Porter, everything against those that feel a solid performance by Porter means Printers should be cut/traded, etc.

Ive said it before and i'll say it again, Both stay and both come to camp, may the best man win and lead this team to the playoffs in 09.

I think seeing Printers and Porter in training camp Casey would look very good , he does have physical talent for sure, its his offense management skills is were i think QP has the edge on Casey. I 'm not saying Casey will never learn this, I just haven't seen yet. And I'm not for trading Casey until we see how QP will make out over time.

Okay, I will concede that Casey has skills, yet how one uses them and reads a game and making those split decisions is a factor. Keep Casey on the team but someone tell him to relax and let his natural abilities flow. He seems tense every time he goes out there, ie when he takes a snap from centre and drops the ball. When I compete and I try to hard, ie swinging a bat in baseball, I usually miss. When I relax, the ball goes a good distance. My observations on Printers is based on frustration out of seeing someone that has the skills to get it done and isn't. Porter comes along and goes in relaxed and performs. Call in the "back-up syndrome" or the "Maas" factor, but the results are evident.
Hey, put Printers in to start a game and see if coming off the bench allows him to relax and perform. I do want him to succeed here as much as I want Jesse to heal and run all over the opposition ( A lot!). I just feel that Porter is performing to a level that is expected. Printers has not, to date. Keep him around and work with him. He was not tauted as the man to come in and save BC. Hence, less pressure on him there = great performance. He was by media/fans/mgt/ and yes, himself set up to be the "guy" and maybe the pressure got to him and prevented him from performing. Maybe now that another QB has stepped up, Printers can relax and realize that all he can do is do what he does. Any you know what, if Casey does what he can do, this team is much better.
That's the best I can do Printers fan club. I came as far as I could. Maybe you could throw me a bone on this one, Casey, Billydee???

It could be the fact that Printers has everything to prove, and Porter has nothing to lose. Maybe Printers has been trying to do everything on his own (ie: not having confidence in his o-line and receivers). Now the receivers seem to have learned how to catch a ball, to break off routs early in blitz situations, and to help out the QB when he's flushed out of the pocket.

I think that Printers may "return" to his BC form if the surrounding cast play as well as they did on Saturday. Don't forget - in BC, he had a very mature (not "old") receiving corps. We have (for the most part) rookies.

I was so looking forward to a reply from my biggest critics.

I’m hoping the team keeps these three QBs together for a while and lets them compete. Good competition will make them even better. The three of them can teach each other through stiff competition to be starter. We have to know who will be the best over the long haul. Any sudden bad trades may damage the future of this organization.