Schultz's picks for Week 18***

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anyways...this is what shutlz is predicting:

Renegades @ Hamilton
There's not really a lot to choose from between these two teams. Hamilton was manhandled last week by Calgary, and Ottawa is coming off their bye. This is a crucial three-game set of the Renegades and their position in the East will be determined by this set. If the Renegades finish the season at 9-9, would you consider it a successful season? The team was 5-3 at one point, and there is not definitive answer on why they have gone 1-6. Joe Paopao’s abilities (or lack thereof) as a head coach is not on the top of my list of criticisms. The Ticats are under the same circumstances to some respect. Head Coach Greg Marhall won nine games last season and has just three this year with three left. While I don’t think he should be the focal point of the team’s criticism, he is the apex of the organization. The best quarterback with the Ticats is still Danny McManus, who played exceptionally coming off the best in Calgary. They’ve also been a lot better at home than on the road.

Schultz Picks: Hamilton Tigercats

Argos @ Montreal
This is the best game in Week 18 with a lot of meaning attached to it. Both quarterbacks played their best games of 2005 last week. Anthony Calvillo’s clutch touchdown pass against the Lions was remarkable. At the other end, Damon Allen’s 46-yard completion to Arland Bruce to set up the winning kick was a play very few quarterbacks can make. So who has the advantage? Montreal is going to create a better run/pass ability after Charles Roberts’ performance last week. If John Avery (hamstring) can’t go, that takes an element of speed away from Toronto. Sean Millington has played well given the circumstances but it’s unrealistic to think he can take a 10-yard catch and turn it into a 110-yard touchdown. That could be left to Avery. The Als will try to limit big plays by the Argos, but the big factor will be the return game. The last two games on Sunday were magnificent, and both teams are similar on ability. In the end, I’ll take Olympic Stadium as the advantage for the Alouettes.

Schultz Picks: Montreal Alouettes

Lions @ Winnipeg
The big question for the Lions against Montreal last week was how Casey Printers would react to his new position as starting quarterback. When you consider the fact that B.C. ran and passed for 531 yards on Saturday, you would think he reacted quite well! His second game will be easier as he plays a Winnipeg team that is no longer a playoff contender. Football games without meaning are always difficult to assess, but it is easier to play a football game without meaning at home than on the road. The Bombers really do have some talent to build on. Kevin Glenn has turned the corner as a quarterback, Charles Roberts is a fantastic running back, and Keith Stokes can be amazing. If the Bombers can improve their secondary, they will be good to go. With B.C., they have games against Winnipeg, Edmonton and Saskatchewan and its time to get back on a roll.

Schultz Picks: B.C. Lions

Stampeders @ Saskatchewan
When the Riders played the Stamps for the first time this season, it was a 44-17 win for Calgary. But that was early on. In Week 18, there is little to use from that lopsided decision. The big issue is that Saskatchewan is coming off a second tough loss – by four points to Montreal in a game they could have won, and by one point to Edmonton. The Riders’ priority is to stay positive and believe in themselves. Someone has to! Everything changes in the CFL from week to week, and their destiny is still under their own control. In Calgary, optimism is everywhere with Henry Burris, but this is the Riders’ last chance to avoid a crossover as the Stamps have played one less game. Urgency takes place over everything else here.

Schultz Picks: Saskatchewan Roughriders

Remember: the World is beating Shultz by 4 games...hahaha if we simply match his picks, we've got 'em..... :smiley:

thats what i said a long time

I still want to increase the lead. I had sent an email in last year wondering if they were ever going to have it where each individual who signs up gets to know their own record, but they said that it would take up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much space and time. After thinking about it, I realized how dum I was for even asking... but I do think it'd be neat.

why not just keep track yourself?....write down your picks though-out the season or save them on your comp.

That seems crazy enough to work! Wow, didn't think I could feel dumber, but man, how did I not think of that? :slight_smile:

I think maybe I thought there'd be some sort of competition, and the best record would win something cool from TSN.... or that's what I would've wanted anyways.

I know there's things on this site for that, but I didn't start visiting regularly until after labour day, if even that early, so I figured I had missed too much to bother. But like a true rider fan, there's always next year. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the idea d_g