Schultzie mans up and praises Bellefeuille


Well Marcel Bellefeuille, you made decisions to rest players and to play both quarterbacks in the last third of the season and I have to say I was wrong. I was on national television saying this quarterback rotation was ridiculous and saying your decision to rest players in the last regular season game was wrong.

I was wrong!

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Good on him to admit he was wrong, my respect for Schultzie just went up a few notches. :thup:

...but he picks the Bombers to win. Time to make him eat it again!

Go 'Cats :thup:

A couple of things I don't get about these picks (and his picks in general over the years) is that he says things in his picks that he doesn't back up on TV. He had the Als by two TDs last week, but just before the game he said he thought the Cats could pull the upset. You don't think a team can win if you say they'll lose by two touchdowns.

Also, he says that the Hamilton-Winnipeg game is harder to pick, but yet he has the Bombers by a TD and the Lions over the Eskies by two. If the Cats-Bombers is tougher to pick, shouldn't that score be closer?

There are a lot of inconsistencies, but I'm probably just reading too much into something that really doesn't matter.

Well he has been wrong before! :smiley:
And he will be wrong again!!!!

I don't think the problem is you reading into it too much, I just think it's his inconsistency, and the general comments/stories TSN guys say.