Schultzie has praise for Tre Smith

he dossnt deserve it. i think hes a good back and i like the guy but, tc was a better back for us this year and he deserves some credit.

Subject: Schultzie has praise for Tre Smith

What is your point?

So you thought TC should have received a special note in the Schultzie column of players receiving special consideration over Tre?

Is this based on his 7 games played and under 10 rushing attempts on average per game??

TC is a blip on the CFL radar.
Maybe he has more talent than Tre, but Tre slugged his guts out week in and week out, filling in when and as required.
For this he gets this recognition.
Lets not poo-poo the only mention of a Ticat player in a league wide appreciation article.

Good job Tre, I enjoyed watching you this season!

my point is i dont think tre was all that special. he is a good backup rb and imo thats it, he didnt even do a good job at kick returner.

He is a 24 year old rookie who was never really put in a position to succeed.
He has averaged 6.6 yards a carry, and if he gets 10 attempts this week in Winnipeg he will pass 500 yards I am sure.
He has shown an uncanny ability to avoid being tackled, and never gives up on a play.
I love the guy for what he brings.
Guts and determination, and a great burst of speed.
I do not think that he is cut out to be a punt returner, but has the ability if given the chance to be a #1 RB for this team.

We agree to disagree on this.

I like the guy dont get me wrong, i just dont think he will ever be a #1 guy. and wassnt he a kick returner in college? i thought thats why we brought him in... but i could be thinking of someone else, training camp was a wile ago.

He deserves all the praise he gets. He's a good running back, hits holes quickly, catches everything thrown to him and blocks better than any RB we've had since Troy Davis. He is also the all-time punt return leader at Auburn (university), but I do agree that we need to make sure he is pointed north-south a little more on his returns; he does tend to try and make more of every return than is necessarily there.

Smith is a great running back. He is definitely a core player on the team going forward.

When Jesse went down who filed in, when Calley went down who filed in, when KK went down who filed in. Who is a very dependable punt returner, who is a dependable kickoff returner. Stand up Mr. Tre Smith. :thup: :wink:

Tre Smith reminds me of Teddy Page.He is a heart and soul guy that every coach loves to have on his team.The kid can only get better! :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

I think Tre deserves this recognition. He did a heck of job filling in.

I don't know that he will be a feature back, but you never know. I always considered him to be our best returner, and have never liked the idea of having a starter be your return guy. It's just too much to ask for. This guy looked great at time on returns, making guys miss, catching the ball before it hits the turf, finding room in small holes. He also looked good doing similar things in the backfield, as well as making big blocks. He certainly was a gamer last year.

Looking forward to seeing him back next year.

That is high praise indeed. And you're right, he has that consistent competitive fire that you see in a few special players like Teddy, or Ben Zambiasi. I think he's a real asset to the team.

He is arguably the best fourth string rb in the league. He isnt the return guy people thought he was though, jojo should do that job.

I garee 100% - Tre has thr ability to become a Weston Dressler type of receiver and a formidable running back. However, Tre is not suited to be our return guy unless someone teaches him how to run up and catch the ball at full speed - learn how to be in the correct position to catch the ball and do not allow the ball to bounce before he attempts to field it. Some guys have that natural abilty, such as the retuners from BC, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal. Hamilton has not had a bodified return threat since Earl Winfield!!!!!!!!

For his brief stay Kahil Hill was that bonifide return threat.
He was the Mosi Tatupu special teams player of the year in his last year of college.