Schultz vs. The World

I know people might think I got something against Schultz because of that other topic ("Do We really need shutzy's......etc.") but I don't. I just want him to justify the picks he made last week. They were pretty uneducated from a football standpoint. The good news is now the world is ahead of him by 1 game :smiley:


i agree, his pick for hamilton ( 0-5 ) to beat ottawa ( 3-3 ) ...just cause hamilton is hungry is pretty dumb...with that logic, hamilton can beat BC.

if the world, simply, picks every pick shutlz picks, from here on will always have a lead....hahaha

yeah :lol:
WE CAN'T LOSE!! (figurativly speaking) WE CAN'T LOSE!

isn't he beating the world?

no, he got two wrong last week, so the world made up the difference, and then went up one with another win.

I agree, his picks were very uneducated.