Schultz: Ticats must take next step in playoffs

Good article I just found on TSN:

"The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are an above average football team that, for the last two years, have been playing average football.

In 2009, they finished 9-9 and lost the East semifinal at home to the B.C. Lions. Then in 2010, the Tiger-Cats finished 9-9 again, and again lost the East semifinal at home, this time to the Toronto Argonauts.

That's pretty much average football: winning as much as you lose, making the playoffs but then not taking advantage of that opportunity.

I say the Ticats are above average because since Bob O'Billovich has taken over as general manager, the organization has created continuity and stability, and the pure football talent has never been better in recent history.

But Hamilton has to take that next step by playing their best as a team when it is most important – the playoffs.

The 16-13 loss to Toronto in the East semi was crushing, especially when you consider that they beat the Argonauts three times in three opportunities during the regular season. As head coach Marcel Bellefuielle put it, "It was not bad luck, we were just not good enough."

Interesting in that because the Ticats were so close, it would be easy to expect few – if any – changes were necessary to get back to the CFL playoffs.

But changes were made, with the biggest being the signing of former Montreal Alouette Avon Cobourne at running back. Perhaps the best overall running back in the CFL, his hidden talent as a pass blocker, and confrontational attitude about effort makes the Ticats better.

The previously proven Renauld Williams at linebacker allows the Ticats to be younger and faster in a position where your heart and speed are key priorities. The trio of Markeith Knowlton, Jamall Johnson, and Williams will mean that Hamilton may just have the best linebacking corps in the league again.

Then the changes on the coaching staff. Corey Chamblin and Khari Jones are both rookie coordinators, but both have experienced success in previous roles. Jones helped Kevin Glenn to his best season last year as quarterbacks coach, and Chamblin assisted Chris Jones in Calgary to produce a very aggressive and effective Stampeders defence.

With a renovated Ivor Wynne Stadium on the horizon, an excellent year of football would generate a season ticket base that the Ticats could benefit from for the next decade.

It just feels like the right time for Ticat football to excel. They beat Montreal 40-3 last year at home with Calvillo at quarterback, so belief of Alouette invincibility is long gone.

They know Glenn is the QB now and in the future. 33 touchdown passes, 64.5 completion percentage, and over 5,000 passing yards all adds up to his best year ever.

The Ticats have a great returner in Marcus Thigpen, and a great pass-rusher in Stevie Baggs. It's all there, they just have to remember it's not the best team that wins; it's the best team on that particular day that wins. And that day is coming in November, again."

I've Always like Schultz and His Reporting .
He dead on..

He's dead on cause he reports the obvious...LOL !

Like yesterday's about the Argo's.

To paraphrase: If the QB plays well, they will be a good team. If the QB doesn't, they wont be.

Hey, maybe the Canucks should take notice, if Luongo stops the pucks shot at him, they have an excellent chance of winning, otherwise, they don't. :lol:

have you heard the Expression He cut off his nose despite their Face
some people miss the Obvious so I am glad Schultz point this out
some fans can't see their nose despite their Face


Actually I'm with you onknight, thought it really is an excellent read. Some good stats in there as well in context. :thup:

Nice to meet you. My name is Kettle

I've heard of the expression "Don't cut of your nose to spite your face". It has nothing to do with what you're talking about.

Schultzy always says it like it is.

I didn't create this thread so people would have a place to dump on Onknight.

Only Earl seems to get that..

zen, excellent you posted this article. And make no mistake where he talks about playing average, while it might be somewhat obvious and that, the fact is if we are to get to the GC anytime soon, the team must play above average to have a chance and that hasn't always been the case in the Eastern Division until the Montreal Alouettes decided quite a few years ago that they basically own the division for the most part. This can't be emphasized enough really.

While Schultz’s article may be obvious to some of us who follow the team, I’d bet it’s quite informative for other CFL fans not following the tabbies as closely.

And as Earl has noted, the article’s strength lies in Schultz’s ability to put all the changes and info in proper context.

It gets me even more pumped for this season and it’s nice to see high expectaions for the tabbies finally from the national madia.

I wonder if Schultz will do a regular show with Hogan during the season? That was good radio.

Yup. Here's some research I did just for you. :wink: Hope you enjoy it.

I really don't get the reporter hate around here. Anyone that writes about the CFL seems to get ripped and then the same people complain nobody covers the league. :roll:

Apparently I should have been more specific: I wonder if Schultz and Hogan will do a CFL show like Football Fridays?

That would be great! I loved that show. I miss it.

The more Hogan, the better! :thup:

That would be great. Loved that show.

:? :o WTF?