Schultz talks Moncton and CFL expansion

Funny thing is, he talks about Ottawa in the body of the article, but in his hypothetical twelve team list, Ottawa is missing! :smiley:

Halifax B.C.
Moncton Calgary
Quebec City Edmonton
Toronto Saskatchewan
Hamilton Saskatoon
Montreal Winnipeg

He is probably assuming that Toronto or Hamilton will be re-located to Ottawa by 2013.

As for Moncton and Quebec, I just don't see it - No stadiums, no rich owners, no proof of CFL football support

I like the potential cities that Schultz is suggesting. However, as was already said, there would have to be some sort of review done to determine if there is any interest in those cities as well as feasiblity studies. I found the Saskatoon idea to be the most interesting. I've never heard anyone suggest that one before! I would guess that if this were to happen, then the Roughriders would have to be changed to the "Regina Roughriders" in order to avoid confusion. I hoping that the Ottawa team can be formed without having to sacrifice Hamilton, but only time will tell...

Will these be the new Labour Day match-ups?

Halifax B.C.
Moncton Calgary
Quebec City Edmonton
Toronto Saskatchewan
Hamilton Saskatoon
Montreal Winnipeg

I frankly doubt there will be 2 Maritime franchises, more likely another team in S. Ontario, like Kitchener or London before Moncton and Halifax.

Why would they have to change...

There is the Texas Rangers, and Houston Astros in MLB.
There is the Florida Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays in MLB.
There is the Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL.

There are probably more examples too.

I'd love to get back to nine teams. Ten would be fantastic. Twelve is a pipe dream.

Moncton AND Halifax?... no stadium or owners and a marginal population base for one team, let alone two. Quebec City may be a better bet than either of them. Regina AND Saskatoon?... the Riders draw heavily from Saskatoon now-- split the audience and both teams would fail.

Interesting list for sure. If I had to bet on it, I would say there will be but one team in southern Ontario in the long run, that's including a team in Ottawa, so 2 teams in Ontario max.

WHY does the LD matchups have to change??

With that league... LD is easy.

  • Three Traditional games

Hamilton vs Toronto
Saskatchewan vs Winnipeg
Calgary vs Edmonton

Two New Traditions
Moncton vs Halifax
Montreal vs Quebec City

The Leftovers
Saskatoon vs BC.

I'm thinking Regina - Saskatoon might be a better natural rivalry, leaving Winnipeg and BC (both "misplaced eastern teams", according to my Alberta-born-and-raised mother!).

And I guess they expect the Ottawa franchise to fold again soon after it opens? Or maybe, as some have suggested, the Tiger-Cats would move here? I know how most of you would feel, but come on, that would be pretty sweet to me. To finally be able to support my home team? Might just have to change my tagline.... :wink:

I don’t know how happy Bombers fans, or ownership, would be with losing the LD Game/Banjo Bowl home and home series with the Riders. As an existing team, I choose to give them priority over the hypothetical expansion club.

As for Ottawa, i think its far more likely that in a 12 team league we only have 1 maritime team, and that 12th team is in the nation’s capital… but I was working off the list posted.

I could see one of the Riders-Bombers games being switched, at least the first year, is Saskatoon got a team. more likely, though, you're right that they would make do with the season opener on Canada Day in the new Saskatoon stadium against Regina.

And I know you were just going off the list in the article. Very strange that he left Ottawa off. I'm really looking forward to having a team here again, as people here almost seem to have forgotten about the CFL. I expect that interest will come back with a team in the league. If it doesn't, then that list is looking more realistic....

I also don't know if both Halifax and Moncton could support teams, although having the two could help by reducing both of their travel costs. Plus with a bigger league, there would probably be fewer east/west road trips, reducing costs more. They'd probably only play each opposite division team once, with only half being away games.

I said this before in a thread in the CFL talk forum. I don't think having teams in both Saskatoon and Regina is a good idea. I think you'd end up with two teams with mediocre support. Likewise, it will be a long time before both Halifax and Moncton would be able to support teams. I think that even selling one team anywhere in Atlantic Canada would be a major uphill battle (as evidence I offer you that fact that we've been talking about this since I was an itty bitty boy, and so far it's never been much more than just an idea), never mind two. We'll be lucky to get to 10 with in the next 10-15 years. 12 just seems like dreaming.

If we ever do manage to get 12 teams, hopefully we can get something else in Western Canada (other than Saskatoon). BC needs a rival in a closer time zone who isn't just a leftover after all other teams have been paired up with their natural rival.

It's not going to happen any time soon.

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Agreed. I lived in Saskatoon for quite a few years and still recall when they held Telethons to keep the Riders afloat. Theoretically, a Saskatoon team could also cut into Rider support from Prince Albert and other points north.

Honestly though, I think the Riders have such a strong brand and tradition it would be hard for a new team in Saskatoon to gain traction. I think many fans would remain loyal to Saskatchewan's "real" team. This would be particularly difficult now that the Riders have been fielding strong teams for several years in a row.

Also, Schultzie's column has been edited: Ottawa now appears in place of Halifax in the chart.

There likely isn't the population for it, but i can't imagine a place where you could get more kick-ass panoramic views for a CFL stadium than in the Okanagan region - Kamloops or Kelowna.

That's the main problem with expanding the CFL. There just aren't that many large cities in Canada. And any expansion has the potential to cut into the market of some other team - Saskatoon hits Saskatchewan (Regina), Quebec City hits Montreal, anywhere in southern Ontario hits both Hamiltonm and Toronto. Really, the only untapped markets with large enough cities are eastern Ontario and the Maritimes.

That, and the further dilution of Canadian talent. You think it's hard to find good NI players now, imagine with half as many more teams.

Going to be tough for sure without some big government money for stadiums and that is doubtful.

Quebec City would probably be the best option after Ottawa comes back. Football is on the upswing in Quebec and it would finally give Montreal a natural rival. It’s also a good size city that doesn’t have any other professional sports teams that should support them well. I think getting to 10 is far more realistic than the 12 that Schultz listed.

There won’t be a team in Saskatoon in my lifetime, I lived there for 4 years and there is quite a few people that drive to Regina to attend the home games plus they have a lot of support and an official team store there.

10 is realitstic, 12 is a pipe dream

Hopefully the league will never be below 8 teams, I can live fine with 8 teams albeit 10 would be super.

But should the league ever drop to say 5 or 6 teams, I think the Grey Cup could revert back to the old days when the universities were able to play for it agains't more "professional" type teams or club teams I think they were know as in those days. So if the league did go to a lower number of teams, I would then increase the number of Canadians on each team since you wouldn't have to spread the quality out as much and the Grey Cup could be the winner of the CFL championship and CIS championship. Maybe no Americans then allowed in the league at all perhaps.