Schultz Says Riders by 18 points??

Chris Schultz of TSN says the Riders will win tomorrow by a score of 39 to 21 and some reports coming out of Saskatchewan say the Riders by much more like 45 to 14? It would be fun to make Schultz and the Riders eat their own words and predictions, I hope the Tiger-Cats can pull out a Win in Regina!!

This game will be closer than people think. Its only a matter of time before Austin gets his team on track.

I hope you are correct "greennwhite" but it could very well be a massacre for saskatchewan. they are playing very well right now in every position on the field...WE ARENT EVEN CLOSE TO THAT CONSISTENCY.......YET! :wink:

Hamilton has made a near complete coaching and GM change, as well as number of personnel alterations. It will take some time before everything gets in sync. The Riders turnover not nearly as much.

Meantime, there will be growing pains.

I still remain hopeful, though.

I'll be happy if the Cats can keep it within 18 points...

Just picking winners, with no thought to the point spread, Schultz' record is a dismal 6 & 7 this season. The fans, who participate in his prediction feature on the TSN website, are collectively an impressive 10 & 3.

For Hamilton, the key will be how to slow down Sheets. He has had his way in all three games in the second half.

I hope he's wrong. I fear he may be close to the truth in his assessment.

So far this season, I'd say we simply aren't as good as Sask. So I don't think it's too likely we'll go into their stadium and pull out a win. Love to do it though.

Its sports kids.
Just when you think something is a sure thing BABOOM, throw the logic out the window.
Cats by 3....only because it doesn't make sense.

Ham 25 - Sask 24

Any given sunday i say sask is hot yes but mayb a lil to high

I recall a couple of seasons ago, Montreal was hotter than a pistol (3-0). Saskatchewan was having their problems (0-3) and had a new coach in Greg Marshall. They played Montreal at McGill. Very few gave the Prairie boys a chance to beat the Als. Shocked everyone with a 27-24 win.

That was week 4 too.

You never know!!!!!!

If Durant can't play, we have as good a chance as we're going to get.

Durant may play but it sounds like he could be hobbled....that would take away his running ...and make him an easier target for the blitz....I hope....

Anything can happen in the CFL, but I do feel the odds are against us these next two games. There is nowhere near enough defensive consistency and until we improve our running game, our offense is going to suffer.

Still if Durant doesn't play or is playing banged up, this is the best shot we have of pulling the wool over their eyes.

The good ol' Chris Schultz prediction of death. When he picks the Riders, they lose.

Someone pointed out earlier that he doesn't have a very convincing record....I think he uses a dart board or a murky crystal ball.....

I'm afraid he's on the right track. The Roughies by a wide margin. That team is hitting on all cylinders. On the other hand, the Cats.... If Durant can't go or goes out early, the score will be closer.

An Argo-Catfan

He used to do the Chris Schultz against the world, where you could vote for who would win and the it would make the majority pick the "worlds" pick, and the world usually beat him by a healthy margin. Seems like a good dude, but picking the winners isn't his best attribute.

With a less than 100 percent Durant, this game should be much closer but the Rider defence is what I'm worried about and if Sheets is hitting on all cylinders, that'll be tough.