Schultz Picks

Chris Schultz has picked our Cats beating the Argos by 2.

Along with Montreal over BC
Saskatchewan over Winnipeg
Calgary over Edmonton

I think he nailed it this week. Predictions??


LOL I hope so he has been dead on all year.

8) Nope, not dead on all year !!!
 His prediction record currently stands at 20-12  !!!

If he keeps this up he'll be nicnamed "Nostradamus"

As long as his prediction on the Cats is right. I`d be happy with 1-3. :smiley:

By 2?!
I know we lost to 'em in the season opener but we've been competitive with everyone since then, whilst they, as we all know, suck.
I say by 14 (and when I say "I say" i mean "I hope") :lol:

The Argos let three games get away from them - unbelievable!! they could easily have 5 wins and be ahead of us.

I wouldn’t treat this game lightly!!

I agree, we can`t take this game lightly. Pickett has played pretty good . The Cats have to come out strong and not let up, whatsoever.

We could easily be 7-1, or 8-0 if not for a bunch of brain farts...we let 3 games get away from us, and could have won that 4th one

Chris Shultz is my neighbor ill have to talk to him tommorow.

Argos are getting better; Cats are marking time - Argos win by 8

I'm going to say this one is really close at Half-time, maybe even tied, low scoring too.

13-11 for the Cats at the half.

Then Greg Marshall makes those brilliant adjustments and the Defence completely shuts down the opposing team as it has all year at home in the second half. The O capitalizes and we win 26-15.

48-12 Ticats - Bruce 1 td, P-Rod td, Cobb 2, Davis td- Stalla - td - Setta the rest - It will be a very satisfying day for long suffering Ti-Cats fan.

It will be four quarters of dominance!

I think the Cats will be leading by two points with the Argos in possession on the 55 yard line with one second left and Bart will call for a fake kick. :slight_smile: