Schultz Picks Ticats to win

29-26 on TSN's "Schultz vs the World".

I would take a buck or two from Schultz if he wants to back that up.

His pick is based on being entertaining.
A betting man would not suggest the Cats to win.
I would think the Cats will be 10 point dogs.

I would take the under if asked if the Cats will score 2 TDs this week in Toronto.

I love the Cats, but they have not won on the road in I do not know how many games??
To pick them in Toronto after what last week showed me from both teams would be blind judgement.
I hope the Cats win....I do not think they will win

I posted this because I was surprised, but I wouldn’t be shocked if the Cats won. Theyre definitely capable of winning.

There's a typo somewhere in that pick by Schultz...he gives the score as 26-29 in favour of the Cats, but says he picks Toronto.

I don't see any typo, jm02.

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Hmmmm?..Chris is an impartial CFL football analyst.

Analysts train themselves to look for positives.

Chris must have seen some really big positives
in the Ticats opening game of the season.

His opinion won't mean a thing
to the 'everybody is a bum' crowd

who blind themselves from seeing
anything but the negatives,

but it raises my optimism that
we may achieve respectibility
sooner than I expected it. you don't see, in the top right-hand corner, that he has picked Toronto? Funny, it was there five seconds ago when I checked your link...

You're right jm02, he picks Toronto in the top right, then says the score will be Toronto 26, Hamilton 29.

He can't lose!

Yes, there is a typo. Chris picks Toronto, not Hamilton.

Either the scores assigned to each team are incorrect or he meant to select Hamilton.

Either way, jm02 is right.

early line is toronto by 10.5, so I think maybe he thinks the cats will cover? keep in mind first week of the season all four games were under!!!, total points is listed at 43.5, usually the argos score that themselves,lol. If the cats can score a couple tds I would expect this to be the first game to go over this season.

You are right, jm02.

I didn't read your post carefully enough.

You said..right hand corner.

I looked for a typo in the body of the text. :?

That mistake was a proof reading error. 8)

I dont think any sane knowledgable football expert, media or fan will expect the ticats to go into toronto and win this week. It could happen, but...

I do remember back in either 91 or 92, when hamilton was at the bottom of the league, and BC was just barely first going into the last week of the season. Sport Action odds were a full 6x for a ticat win. Darned if they didnt win, and that combined with both calgary and edmonton winning their games, dropped the lions to 3rd. So, who knows.

20 points might be enough to beat Toronto. Ticats have a chance if they can run the ball for four quarters. Their chance improves a lot if they score first.

I do remember back in either 91 or 92, when hamilton was at the bottom of the league
8) Some things never change, eh !!!! :wink:

Looks to me like this team will be no better than 1-5 by the end of July.We also have a good chance of being 0-6. We have long way to go before this team cam match the coaching and cohesiveness that the other teams have shown already with the possible exception of Edmonton.
I have serious doubts about this season but I would really like to see signs of gradual improvement along the way. If we can pick up some wins in August and September then I think we will be headed in the right direction and should stay the course. The question is...can Scott Mitchell and Obie wait that long?

If coaching changes are made
any time during the season, mr62cats,

it'll be a heck of a lot longer before our record improves.

Obie knows that.

Rather than quickly pulling the plug on Charlie Taaffe
he will bring in players to plug holes in the team.

Obie is already doing that,
relax, he knows what he's doing.

Better players make better coaches.

Well, Shultz knows a lot more about football than I do. It's all about the defense, if the Cats can hold the Argos to 14 points or less, a chance to win.

I think its a typo. Schultzie meant Toronto 62 Hamilton 29 :slight_smile:

I 2nd that score. No, still too high, as there is likely not enough time on the scoreboard to score 62 points.
So, my prediction is: Toronto 32
Ticats 15
Now - folks will upset I did not pick the Cats. So be it. I have followed them too long to know the difference between a good team & a bad one. And right now, this is a bad team (with some sprinkling of +ves).

  •   Ticats haven't won in Toronto in how many
  •   It is Game #2, and already they are shuffling
      the deck because of injuries, and/or
      replacing players that sucked last week. 
  •   You cannot win without continuity, no matter
      how good your coaching is. 
  •   They still haven't learnt (a year later) the
      significance of a penalty. You can drive the
      field all day, but if you get penalised at
      the most crucial time, you will not score 
      in the red zone. 

Just ask Schulzy...

I don't think there is any way our defence holds them under 20.

IMO, we only win this game if Printers and the offence puts up big numbers....which against Toronto's defence probably isn't very likely.