Schultz picks the Riders

The win by Hamilton was good for the Ticats and good for the league. It was nice to talk about the Ticats in the positive rather than coming up with explanations as to why they lost. It is very important for the running back combination of Jesse Lumsten/Tre Smith to be active early and to be successful. It sets up play action plays and success with the deep ball early. And you know that the priority for the Riders is to make the Ticats one dimensional early and force Casey Printers to rely on his inexperienced receivers. With Marcus Crandell out 1-3 weeks, opportunity for Steven Jyles and Darian Durant. This one balances out but in the end... SAS 21, HAM 20

I dunno. I like what I've seen form Miles and Woodcock so far. Their rapport with Printers should only get better.

Don't forget Scott Mitchell, he's found a nice little connection with Casey too. He'll be something special I think, and maybe eventually their go-to guy. He certainly showed shades of that in the Argo game.

I can understand TSN announcers not being able to shed Ticats' three years of losing teams, but they are dead wrong by not recognizing that this team is nothing like the teams of the past 3-4 years. QBs are everything in this league and for the past 3-4 years the Cats didn't have one. Now they have one of the best (if not The Best) and they are about to turn it around quicker than anyone expected. Yes, the Cats running game is incredible, but from what I've seen their passing attack is pretty darn good too. Printers would have put up much better passing stats last game if it wasn't for so much success on the ground. I think we'll see a little reversal this week with the passing game taking centre stage with a strong running game. In the end the TSN boys can only keep their eyes closed for so long and, anyways, we like being the underdogs...

I wouldn't worry about Schultz as he only correctly selected 3 of this years 8 games.

QBs are everything in this league and for the past 3-4 years the Cats didn't have one. Now they have one of the best (if not The Best) and they are about to turn it around quicker than anyone expected.
I'm willing to bet the jist of this qoute is the "story" of this year for us. No QB = no hope. That's been our problem for so long.

Hamilton is beaming from their last win no doubt they danced with one of the best defences in the league and came out ontop and not just by a few points. Momentum is swinging in Hamiltons favour lets hope they just roll with it and turn this one win into a string of wins.

I like Chris Schultz but come on, he is still picking the riders. Please! The riders could have Matt Dunigan come out of retirement and he would probably still pick the roughies.

I guess the only way we might win over the TSN panel is by winning a few games in a row. Maybe then, they will rank us above 8.

Yep a few a few more good games.

The riders are too banged up, and the Ticats will want to show the home crowd a win after the embarassing first game, Ticats Victory!

Its not like shultz isnt giving the ticats any respect. He has them losing a one point game. The spread on the game is ticats by 2, thats correct.......the cats are favored to win the game by two points. If shultz said they were gonna get blown out i might question it but he calls it a one point game which is better than week one.

If you guys pick up a win vs. Sask, then you'll see the Cats start to be picked to win these tilts.

Schultz is a goof.

It's not disrespect just someone who has no clue what he's talking about. Does Shultz know anything about Durrant? Sask is also missing their main weapon, their entire play book is built around getting DJ as many touches as possible, no other team moves a receiver around as much as they do with DJ.

Now they have to remodel their entire system with a no name qb on the road against a smart young aggressive defence.

This team we are talking about was...the 07 Grey Cup champs..from a neutral prospective I can see how Shultz puts them ahead.

Their receiving corp is more established than ours, I'd say with the exception of Flick and Crandell they are pretty solid. I think Hamilton will pull out a win, they are at home coming back after a very important road win. But take yourself out of the diehard fan section and become a neutral..Sask have impressed thus far despite losing their QB and a good receiver in game 2 they still pulled out a win.

Shultz has done nothing wrong here. He calls this game VERY close, and frankly, so do I.

I want a Hamilton win as much as any fan here, but lest we forget, "One game doth not a season make!"

So the Riders are missing Glenn and Flick. If their backups show any talent at all, they'll give us a hell of a game. The rest of their team is extremely strong, so personally, I'm avoiding complacency and trying to remain realistic.

The spread is 2 points with the cats as favorites which means the handicappers think it will be close. They make a living on calling spreads. I have no idea if the cats will blow them out and can understand anyone who thinks it will be close. The only category the cats are better in is rushing yards for while sask gives up only an ave of 57 yds per game on the ground. I can understand anyone picking this as a close game. Could be shultz does know a thing or two about durant and thats why its close instead of sask by 16.5 like last time. had durant not been starting sask would likely be favored in this game. I mean I think shultz has taken that into account and thinks they can win with durant although it will be closer, I can see that. Regardless of what you think will happen the cats will have to win more games before anyone begins to pick them to blow out the grey cup champs who are 2-0 this year. If they blow out sask and a few more teams then see what people say. Last time they played the ticats were 16 point underdogs, now they are favored by two and shultz picks them to lose by one point. The respect is coming but they arent gonna blow everyone out. Montreal shut them down so saskatchewan can also. I think the cats can win, but if they lost it would NOT shock me and if its close it will NOT shock me.

DJ isn't Sasks main target at all. He's just one of their better receivers. If you look at the stats for game one against Edmonton where Crandel had 19/29 passes DJ had 3 catches. Bowman had 6 and Fantuz had 4. As well as 18 run attempts for 100 yrds.
That hardly seems like an offence that is built around DJ.

the Riders are pretty stacked at receivers. With Dominguez back in action, Fantuz, and Adarius Bowman it looks like the Tabbies have alot of places to focus down field. To discount Palmer, Grant and the speedy Dressler would also be silly.

With Durant at the helm you can bet their game plan will have more to do with getting Cates the ball. The Riders have an established ground game and will hand the ball off more then the Argos 7 attempts.

No Surprise here
Liberal Toronto Pro Media…Strikes Again.

I am a Riders fan, Hamilton is my second choice to cheer for and I'm looking forward to this game for a number of reasons...

It is definitely a momentum building game for both teams... hamilton could go to 2-1 and start working on that guaranteed playoff spot (hopefully at toronto's expense...) and the Riders could go to 3-0 and really establish their position in the west...

I think it will be hamilton's offense against the Rider Defense... who will prevail???

I hear a lot of talk about Flick and Crandell being out... I think hamilton fans are about to be introduced to Adarius Bowman (number 12)... edmonton found out the hard way that he really is a bona fide talent and a game breaker...

I mentioned this on another post, but it will be interesting to see which hamilton o-line shows up... will it be the crew that got shredded by montreal or will it be the disciplined group that easily handled toronto's vaunted d-line???

There is no denying how good printers and lumsden are... I would put printers in the top three qb's for the league along with ricky ray and anthony calvillo...

Sask has allowed the fewest points against and the fewest rushing yards... printers better really be on the same page as his receivers... because you have a very experienced secondary waiting every time printers puts that ball in the air...

have you ever seen a two man rush in hamilton???

you're about to

god the stupidity here.

its not anti ticat
its not pro toronto

it is simply guys who have actually played successfully in the CFL, who know a little bit more than the rest of us, believing that there are reasons why the players on one team will beat the players on the other team, regardless of which uniforms they happen to be wearing.