Schultz picks the Argos

Schultz picks the Argos by 5 on Friday.



Oski Wee Wee,


Schultz is a major pantload!

Once an Argo, Always an Argo.

8) Don't be surprised to see a much improved effort this game from Toronto !!
 I have a feeling it will be a much closer game than Mondays was !!!

 The worst thing the Cats can do at this point, is to go into Hogtown feeling overconfident, 
  and taking the Argos too lightly  !!!!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 
  Argos will be pulling out all stops to try and win this one  !!!

ummm... he also picked the Cats for Labour Day

The Argos will be very desperate. We need to capitalize on their turnovers and whenever we're in the red zone. That's crucial. Pickett was making some good passes and he spread them to a number of receivers. If their O-line gives Pickett enough time, it will be a tough game. Not to mention the damage Robertson can do. Add all that to the fact it's in their dome...tough game.

All the more reason for the coaching staff and players to come up with a supurlative effort. Sure the Ars%^ are in trouble. As I stated brfore, all the more reason to flatten them with an extra effort.

The Argo ship is sinking.

No momentum, much like we have been through.
The Argos are a bad team and will be hard pressed to keep the game close.
They also are probably going to be without Parker and Belli two important cogs.

If somebody wants to give you money bet the Cats this week!

His record isnt that great and its because he makes stupid picks like this... and to say they will win by 5 if there going to win it wont be more the 3 and it will be a last second fluke. I think the cats will come in and destroy them. When was the last time the blue team even won at home?

That ship, if not exactly sinking quite yet, sure is taking on water. . .

Not only Parker and Belli, but Reggie McNeil may not play either.

Don't understand what the heck they were doing with Parker anyway. Here's a guy who was an allstar cornerback, one of the best in the league if not the best. . . and instead of playing him on the corner, they played some rookie named Edwards and tried to make Parker into a kick returner. . . go figure.

I think it will be a closer game but they won't win. They're still the same players after all and on top of that, Payton has asked for his release destabilizing the team even more. The team obliged by suspending him. Plus they had 3 guys go down with injuries last game (Belli, McNeal and someone else).

An Argo-Cat fan

Shultz is my neighbor, ive got to say something about him picking them Labour Day and the result, hopefully it happens again.

Yeah, I will never understand Andrus and the ____s. If I was the coach, I would think to myself, who are my best players and I will build around them. Personally at the top of the list I would put Jonathon Brown, Byron Parker and Arland Bruce. And what is happening with them? Parker isn't even starting, Brown is says he is healthy but the coach won't play him and Arland now plays for the Ticats. When you make boneheaded personnel decisions like that, you open yourself up to a lot of criticism. I bet Dorsey can't wait to come back and be a part-time kick returner!

Oh well. Their loss is our gain!

Oskee Wee Wee!

  • paul

Maybe it's a good thing playing a "Desperate Team". They are desperate for a reason, they aren't very good, and desperate teams that aren't very good, make a lot of mistakes in pressure games. That's why everyone loved playing the Cats the last few years. Cats by 7.

I think the Cats will win but they will have 2 capitalize on the Red zone and overall play much better.They will have to be a better team then they were on Labour Day.

'Cats in a blowout...theyr'e due. Final: 47- 12 :rockin:

Oski Kiwi

Take nothing for granted. I was at practice today and it was nice to see that they were taking things very seriously there.

We need to treat this as if we were playing the best team in the league.

The thing I disagree with is this....the Argos don't play urgency on Monday at hurry up offence. If they were desperate, they would have played that way 2 weeks ago. The defense played tough on Monday, especially Eiben & Moreno.
As for the Argo o-line, since they pass on every down, the other team's defence can just tee off on the qb every play. Huge disadvantage for them.

I don't understand that either MadJack.......