Schultz picks Riders to win.

Does this kind of scare anyone else??? It seems that everytime he picks us to win, we lose and vice versa. Or is this just because he's always wrong.

Hate to say it, but you just received the kiss of death.

If he had picked Calgary, then I would have encouraged all of you to buy plane tickets to Vancouver! :wink: :wink:

There is stil hope!

hey guys...let the players do the talking on the field with their effort, not their mouths! We also need to take the high road and keep our comments to ourselves till after the game!

...really? that why your dropping stuff all over the stampeders forum?...good strategy there....

....on the original subject schultzy ended up on the season pretty much on par with Third and Ten's dog for picking winners....he'll go 50/50 this weekend too, which game though who knows....'s looking at a decent WSF and may the better team win...

At least when I drop stuff on your site, it is to refute a comment that lacks factual basis, like Alberta being rat-free. Last time I checked, Ralph Klein was still living there. Got some cleaning up to do!

Sholtz has just put the kiss of death on your team! Thank you Shotlz. He always tries to pick the upsets, just look at his NFL stats they are pathetic. The monkey who perdicts hochey playoofs could do a better job!