Schultz picks B.C.

4:00 PM Sunday, November 12, 2006
Saskatchewan Roughriders
@ B.C. Lions

In a way, you assess this game as you would have the Saskatchewan/Calgary semi-final. The Lions have the talent, but the Roughriders have nothing to lose. The difference between the two games is that this time, talent will win. It will be very important that BC scores the first touchdown or more because the longer the game remains close, the more confident the Riders will grow. On every football sideline there is a feeling of optimism or trepidation and during the course of a game, it fluctuates in intensity from one extreme to the other. If the Riders start the fourth quarter within a single score of the Lions, they are going to win. If by the fourth quarter, due to the points, Kenton Keith is not able to be used, then BC will win. Punting is also an issue. For Saskatchewan, Luca Congi is a solid field goal kicker but his punts are too low and provide return opportunities for the opposition; remember Markus Howell in the Calgary game. Both teams have defences that can provide points, but of the two, BC's defence has game changing magic about them. This could turn out to be a classic Western final, but I don't think the Lions will miss the opportunity this time. I'll take BC.

Schultz Picks: B.C. Lions

Take a look at Shultz's record this season for picks. Nuff said.

I'd rather take a look at the Lions record at 13-5. I like Schultz's logic though. Lions don't want a close game with this one.

The stat to remeber is the 3-1 record that the RoughRiders have against the Lions this season.

didnt the riders win last years series against the lions as well?...2-1?

3-1 actually. I really hope the Riders think they have our number and are overconfident. That would be too funny, falling flat on their asses at BC Place. 50,000 fans will pack the dome, and most will be wearing ORANGE.

I can't believe Schultz might get one right.

Darn, a kiss of death from Schultz!

I hope he gets one right for a change!

If Schultz gets this one right, I'll like him for a day or two.

Schultz’s logic on the Toronto game confuses me.

its the playoffs! Stats are for losers!

Well there is no doubt in my mind that the best team to represent the west is the Lions. The only way this will not happen is if Wally and the team take the riders lightly. If I was a Lion fan have your accomodations booked in Winnipeg I would say that would be a good thing to do. :lol:

Great post. touche.

Great post RW2005, but as you know, you have to play 60 minutes to win. Remember the first 4 or 5 weeks of the season? The Lions had bad habits of only playing 30 minutes of football. Nothing is guaranteed. They have to be ready. They have to play 60 minutes. They cannot take the Riders lightly.

You would have thought RW2k5 would have realized you have to play for 60 minutes by now...

You seem to keep forgetting that 3 of those 5 losses are against the Riders. They are the only team that the Lions did not "dominate" at all during the regular season. If the Lions are as arrogant as you seem to be, then your team will suffer the same fate as the Stampeders, right RW05? Hope the Stampeders and their fans will enjoy watching this game from their favourite watering holes....

Poor red 05...the Green guys are rubbing his nose into the loss...
The shame of it all...Oh well , guess you shouldn't take the Priders to lightly...

Try to remember, sambo, that the three games lost by us were with a total of 11 points. The game we beat you on was by 17 points.

Granted one point is all that's needed to win, but I would say that what ocurred during the season is going to have zero bearing on what happens on Sunday...other than that the Leos may come into it with vengeance on their minds.

The game you beat us was the first game of the year. The last time we beat you was in week 15.

But quite honestly the regular season means nothing now. Both teams are good. This is gonna be a great game.

If we wanted to look at regular season stats I would say the Esks are the best in the West cause they had the best record against the West. Now we all know that is crazy talk. The only stat I care about for this week is who gets the W on Sunday.

I agree with you, but it seems that RLR is getting ahead of himself. The game still has to be played and anything can happen. I didnt say that the Riders will win, just the fact he seems to think that this game will easy for the Lions. If the team is thinking that way, they are setting themselves up for a big fall, and if he doesnt think upsets happen , all he has to do is ask the Stump fans about what happens when you get too smug.