Schultz picks Arblows for east final.

Okay, let’s review. The Ticats have played the Argos three times this year with Hamilton winning twice. The first one was on a Friday night in Week 1 and Toronto won 39-34. Both teams played well on offence and Hamilton dropped one pass at the wrong time to lose. The second game was in October in Toronto with Zach Collaros at quarterback. Hamilton won 33-19 and gained confidence that they could beat Toronto. But it was the next week, Thanksgiving, where Hamilton won 24-18 on a last play interception. Both Toronto and Hamilton know that what happened then has little to do with now but they will each take plenty of lessons out of all three of the games. I think with two weeks to get healthy and plan, the execution level will be higher with the Argos than with the Ticats. Also the success of Dan LeFevour will be studied and anticipated. I don’t think it will be effective. Hamilton needed the last two drives to score their last two touchdowns. Toronto runs a similar style and has fresh legs. It should be a high-scoring game similar to the first, but in the end…Argos by 5.

So schultz doesn’t think we can beat the Arblows. :x
Time to prove him wrong again boys, eat em raw. :smiley:

You know what, more pressure on the Argos to win, more air to inflate their heads. Let the Ti-Cats whisper their way into success.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!! So Schultzy(Ex A-Nut player)picks the Arblows,and surprise,surprise Jock-strap Climie throws the flag in the game ball segment saying the refs screwed his beloved Al's out of a sure victory in the Semi against the Cats.........and your surprised?????? :roll: These two are two of the biggest HOMERS out there when it comes to their love of their former teams and especially when it comes to them playing our CATS. In the end take what these two have to say with a grain of salt.....Schultzy is an overgrown big dummy and Jockie is a pompous arrogant little jerk.....who cares what either of them the saying goes....opinions are like a-holes everybody has one and unfortunately we're stuck with double A-holes when it comes to this pair. :roll: :cowboy:

Schultz lives somewhere in Burlington....we need to find some black and yellow TP.

Although seriously, don't TP Schultzy's house. He picked us to win the East Semi, and he's a good commentator.

Actually I don't mind Schultzy,I mean he has to pick somebody to win the game.....right?? :slight_smile: He can't help it if he picked the wrong team!! :lol: As for Jock-strap Climie,I stand by what I said about that whiney little pee pot!!!

Didn't Schultz grow up a Ticats fan? I seem to recall him suggesting he had loyalty to both teams.

FYI, He picked Hamilton last time we played the Argos in Wk16. =)

But I disagree with him this time. Let's prove him wrong. :rockin:

I don't think much of Climie. He was right on that call, it probably should have been interference against Carter. But then, it probably should have been on Stala's throw to Fantuz also. The refs were probably calling things loose near the end anyway, as long as they were fair (they were) it's OK. So he favours his old team the Alouettes. I don't care, his opinion doesn't matter to me.

Schultz is a good commentator, I think he's knowledgeable and fair. He had to pick someone to win. I don't worry about who he picked. I only hope the Ticats win it. It has nothing to do with him.

Schultz is far from a homer. He's probably the most level-headed and fair of all the analysts on TSN. He's not picking them because he played for them; he's picking them because he thinks they are going to win. Frankly, picking the Argos makes sense. They are the home team and should win. I hope they don't, obviously, but that doesn't mean anyone who picks them has an agenda or is a homer.

Now Climie, that's different.

climie just a bitter crybaby cuz we prevented me from a shot of getting two rings in 98 and 99

You realize this is Television everybody ... Right? CFLonTSN has done their job if they've riled up the home bases with their selections. The fact we're discussing their selections is a WIN for them!

Having to know one of the commentators debated on this thread since he's a neighbour & knowing the other since I played against him in college football ... I'll tell you this ... They're both very, very, very objective. And that in-lies the issue ... they truly are objective. Neither are "homers". I've talked "football" with both on many occasions & you'd never met two more logical & rational & objective analysts of the game. It's almost creepy how they can separate emotion from the game.

So Climie has picked the Als more times than not over the last decade ... who wouldn't base on the track record.
Schultz has gone back & forth with the TiCats ... Sort of like their record in good years .. Win 1 ... Lose 1 ... .500.

I know I think & want the TiCats to win ... I have my rationale ... They have their's ... It's a roll of the dice in the best of cases!

He may be a homer but to call him a Dummy. You have to be kidding me. Shultz is more intelligent than the rest of the TSN panel and broadcasters with room to spare. He calls it like he sees it. His analysis is usually solid. Half the time Clime doesn`t get what the big man is talking about.

Hamilton shouldn't have even beat the Als. Blown PI call. The league admitted it:

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LOL I was kidding!!!!! :lol: As for Jock-Strap Climie.....the less said the better :twisted:

Birdman is already making excuses for his Blew team, four days before the game is even played. So pathetic... :cry:

BIG "Birdman69" Here's some tissue for ya!!!! Now fly away to your own forum!!!TROLL!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :thdn:

How do you feel about the blown PI call vs. Fantuz at the goal line on the pass from Stala? The game shouldn't have been as close as it was.

^^ This. I agree. Especially about Clime.

I didn't know they gave out touchdowns on penalties in the endzone. When did they change that rule? Oh, they didn't? So you mean to tell me there is no guarantee that Montreal would have scored the go-ahead touchdown even with the ball on the one-yard line? So you mean that Hamilton still could have stopped them and played Toronto? Oh, you don't say. From the way people make it sound, PI being called automatically means the Als would have won. :roll: