Great quote from Chris Schultz. He would fit in very well on this site.

Hamilton right now is 6-9. [b]I wonder if they would not be 9-6 if Glenn took over on Labour Day weekend.[/b] Quinton Porter will be a good QB, but Glenn already is. Against the best defence in the CFL, Glenn was 29 of 44, for an amazing total of 506 yards, three touchdowns, no interceptions.

Did the Hamilton Tiger-Cats coaches, management, and decision makers wait too long to make a decision? Yes they did, but they play Toronto, Saskatchewan, and end in Winnipeg for game 18, Week 19. A home playoff for Ticats fans is still possible.

Problem 1: Glenn did start on Labour Day, and again the following week. Our record was 1-1 in those two games. No improvement possible by switching to Glenn, because he was already the starter.

Problem 2: While Porter started the following 4 games, the Cats actually won one of those (at home versus Calgary Sept 18). Presumably even Glenn could not have achieved a better result in that game.

Shultz’s Conclusion (apparently): Had Glenn started in the three games that Hamilton lost (versus Montreal, Calgary and Winnipeg), Ticats may have won all three. I suppose anything is possible, but it makes me wonder what difference Schultz thinks Glenn could have made in the game when Montreal thumped us 42-8. (Keeping in mind that he did play in the second half)

My point is not to re-ignite any debates, but rather to emphasize that even the “experts” will bend facts to suit whatever their opinion happens to be.

(Sorry for starting a new thread. Other QB-focused threads seem to be vanishing.)

Haha, too true. He could fit in here pretty well. Lotsa woulda coulda shouldas in that quote.

I think the only change in result by starting Glenn the whole way might've been the Calgary game, where slightly better QB play may have resulted in the few extra points needed to win.

My guess is that even if Glenn started in the Peg and the Cats avoided the Porter fumbles for 14 points, the Cats would still have lost. Glenn was in for a chunk of that shellacking that got the score to 31-0, the Bomber's D was playing very well, and the Cats D could not stop Bishop to Bowman.

That thumping from the Als was team wide, no QB could have saved that.

So the Cats would be at 7-8, in my purely speculative opinion. Basically it's water under the bridge, the coach was flexible enough to make the call to switch the QB, the players can't gripe about not getting what they want, and they still have a good chance to host a playoff game.

Superb, astute analysis, ExPat.

The whole offence looks better under Glenn they look more confident. When your quarterback admits he is confused and can't hold onto the ball it's time for a change. I believe they made a mistake leaving Quinton in to long this team can't afford to miss the playoffs again ,you have to play your best players and that is Kevin Glenn at this time

You are out of your mind if you don't think the offence is 100% more dangerous and productive with Glenn as QB. When has Porter passed for 500+ yards lately? Come on, people.

If Glenn had been getting first team reps and it wassnt his first game in a wile going into Toronto right after labourday i say we win. Its impossible to tell but i really think we would have. Our team plays better when he is out there.

You can say whatever you want but you and I have no idea what would of happened if Glen had of started more games . Last season Porter started against Montreal one week at home and we beat them and then the next week we got pounded by the same team .

I know one thing, if Setta had made 1 or 2 field goals vs Calgary we would of won that game and everyone would of been happy . I`m a Ticat fan and I want the TEAM to win and I`m gonna stick by whatever the coach decides . 

Lets hope our receivers have turned a corner and they will continue to get open and catch the ball !! As good as they looked last week they dropped easy passes and didnt cover up the ball when we were in scoring position . They have dropped easy passes all season long for BOTH Qbs and I think its time they decide to trust their talents get open and score TDS . No reason to not score points against the Argos as we did it against the best defence in the CFL . Lets take the offence to the next level no matter who is in at the controls . Its the best time of the season to get hot and they certainly owe our defence some easy  games !!!!

The difference the last Montreal game WAS- The vets on the team were asked to step up and lead and ,judging by the plays (longer passing routes) Glen and some of the receivers were dictating the offence, that is the way it should be in the CFL! :thup:

You must be smoking funny cigarettes, MD, if you think
the players dictated the offence play calling last week.

The vets were only asked to make sure the guys beside them
were concentrating on their job and pulling their weight.

It's good that you brought up the fact that our O.C.
Mike Gibson stressed long passes in his game plan

This worked out to be quite successful.


Nobody mentioned that two d-backs from the practice roster
were put in by Trestman so Jim Popp could evaluate them

and to help him to decide if he needs to recruit new ones.

Don't want to speak for massdestruction but I don't think he was referring to playcalling as you mention.

Marcel said it was basically the same offense. The difference being, IMO, is Glenn's ability to see the field better and to see the plays emerge better than Porter does, hence his progressions and choices are different. They are sharper and more decisive. The other players in the huddle, picking up on that, play differently and thereby "dictate' how the offense is executed.